Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP

  • $12.99 USD
  • $8.99 USD

Customer Reviews

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Husam Eraqi

Fits tight but other than that 10 out of 10

Bruce Lane
Great replacement

Fit is a smidge more than snug, but it works great!

Pablo Gutberlet
very snug fit

the battery is a little thick. I added some tape underneath as a pull tab so i can remove it easily and now it works just fine.

Didn't work.

I was excited for this battery because of its neon green wrapping and how it would look in a clear case. I got it inside the og case to test it out; it's a VERY snug fit if you can get it in. It also appeared to work fine for the few seconds it was on. I then proceeded to complete my mods (ips kit, new shell, etc). When i inserted the battery and turned it on, the screen went on and off again. I figured it needed a charge; the system would make a whirring noise when plugged in a charger but would still not turn on. The notch to remove the battery broke off when I tried to remove the battery a second time to see if the og battery would work (was convinced I might have done something wrong). The og battery and system worked fine and charges with no noise. It's a bummer that I won't be able to use this battery. :(

Cameron Chrispen

Got what I paid for and got it quickly. No complaints here.

Abid Alikashi
snug fit but works perfect

battery has nice lifetime and the green color is nice if you have a clear shell