Game Boy Color IPS Q5 OSD Glass Screen Lens

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Alex Field
Love it

It’s a little bit more work than other products, requiring some soldering and trimming (if you use an original shell like me) but I love the extra features and on screen display. I really love being able to toggle to greyscale for when I’m playing original gameboy games.

Handheld Legend is always quick with shipping, their site is easy, and they’re great to deal with. You guys are always my first place I look to for modding products!

Alexander Richter

Everything you expect - I searched for weeks, far and wide, about where to find a holographic text black glass gba sp screen and this is literally the only option (and it's absolutely fantastic). If you're looking for this, it's here, stop looking and buy this one you'll be happy

Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis
Looks perfect!

The glass lens looks perfect to match the larger Q5 display!

Melvin Maas
If you can't solder, I wouldn't recommend. Otherwise it's amazing..

Like the title suggests, it's a hard to sell to people who can't solder. Sure those touch sensitive pads work. But anywhere you out them, just makes that spot on the Gameboy untouchable, and if you're like me, you don't just keep your hands in the same exact spot every time you play. For example, in bed, you have to support the device differently then if you were sitting or in the car.

Anyways the screen itself is amazing. Having the full OSD is awesome makes alignments much cleaner and easier for everyone. If you are using a 3.7v rechargeable battery, and want the battery OSD to be accurate. You'll need to make a voltage divider circuit that attaches to the power on pin (the last pin, counter clock-wise) of the switch, and then to ground using two resistors one 330ohm from the power switch and a 1k to ground (battery -). And then use the point at which both the resistors meet as the divider, in this setup you can solder the bat+ wire on the screen PCB to the voltage divider.

If you aren't using a rechargeable battery the PCB is configured for 3v being fully charged. You can just solder the bat+ to the bat+ on the motherboard.

Let's talk about fitment, it's a tough one. You have to remove a ton of material from the housing, and not only that, in order to make sure you don't get any edge mura (white spots, from pressure) you have to file everything down perfectly flush. And that's a pain.

But in the end, it's completely worth it, the pixel effect, the OSD with battery indicator, the OSDs screen manipulation, and of course that it's IPS make this screen and PCB that accompany it 100% worth it. If you love nearly the entire library of GBC and GB games, you'll absolutely love this screen!

Also it's a bit bigger then a normal GBC screen which is awesome!

Matthew Walker
No foil on "Power" or anywhere else!

Several gripes with the foil lenses. First, there is no foil behind the word Power next to the LED light, so those words show the color of your shell instead and look bad. Look in the pictures foil on any of the colored lenses on the word Power! Second, on the white lenses at least, there is only foil behind the words Gameboy Color, which makes it darker than the rest of the white of the lens, so there's a rectangle where the lens is darker in that spot, even with a white shell underneath. I recommend waiting until there is an updated version with the foil behind all of the white/colored area of the lens. No clue why these decisions were made...people would gladly pay more for a lens without these issues.

Marco Romano

Game Boy Color IPS LCD Q5 Glass Screen Lens