CleanJuice Air Game Boy Pocket Wireless Rechargeable Battery Module

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Daniel Watkins
Great item!

It's awesome , but requires quite a bit of cutting to clear an original console shell. Otherwise great item!

James Schlitt
Nice for a while, but PCB is overheating

It's been a solid unit, but as others said it took a thorough skeletonization of the battery bay to get it to fit in the shell. After two months of use and reseating it during a mod the little chip center right of the induction coil now gets alarmingly hot, heating the battery in turn to the point I removed the unit. This heating even continued after I removed the battery, so I had to separate the board and battery and found that reconnecting them externally recreated the issue.

TBF, I've had this happen with the cleanjuice DMG products as well before. I don't love this reliability record, particularly when it involves lithium + heat + retro hardware. But, I don't know if there's a better alternative for now?

Jason Howard
Surprisingly easy to install.

Given that this needs to sit on top of the inductor of the stock power board for my use I thought it would require a little wire to solder, that's a massive pain. But I managed to get a blob really easily from the pads to the legs. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll want to watch the excellent assembly video provided.

So how does it work? As far as I can tell, completely flawlessly. I'd heard horror stories about GBP's with power problems running a backlit IPS display and a ROM cart, even worse with a speaker amp. All rather power hungry things. Have the Funny Playing IPS screen and an EZ Flash Jr and it all works perfectly. I've tried it with alkaline AAA's, rechargeable NiMH AAA's as well as some Amp Torrent brand LiPo 1.5v USB rechargeable AAA's. All work perfectly. Never tried to use the mods without the power board. I'm 100% satisfied seem like just a requirement if you plan on running an IPS backlit screen and a ROM cart at a minimum.

Mark Oviso
Future Proofing a 26 year old gaming device?!

The CleanJuice Air Game Boy Pocket Wireless Rechargeable Battery Module is both highly functional and a great indicator of how technology is constantly growing!

TLDR: You can't go wrong with this battery back! Other options require expensive rechargeable batteries that require a separate charger (eneloop). If you have a modern phone with wireless charging you are good to go!

I recently found my childhood GBP in my storage shed. I wanted to bring it back into rotation, but it was in dire need of upgrades to make me want to use it instead of just emulators. So I bought this battery pack, a new shell, IPS LCD screen, Glass Screen, new capacitors, speaker, amplifier, bivert, buttons, silicone, etc...pretty much a total upgrade.

This battery pack was a huge plus in my book. With this, I don't need to bring AAA batteries with me wherever I go, I didn't have to cut an opening in the battery cover/make mods to the shell, and I don't need to bring more charging cables with me. The wireless charging works great, and I can power share with my Pixel 6 Pro, so I can have my GBP ready to go at all times! I was considering purchasing the eneloop batteries (both AA and AAA) with the charger so I could power both my GBP and GBA, but the costs and extra steps made me not want to go that route.

As this product is relatively new still (came out in 2021 I believe) I don't know the longevity of it, but I am definitely willing to take the chance and test it out. I will be back in a few months to give an update on any degradation if there is any.

Benjamin Rodstein
Good riddance AAA's

This little battery is a beast, I was able to get around 9-10 hours out of my pocket with OG lcd and between 4-5 hours with the funny playing ips this thing is awesome and a very affordable way to upgrade your pocket!

Sam Brown
Say Goodbye to AAA’s

This is such a great addition to my Gameboy Pocket! Easy to install and it is so nice to not have to change batteries.