Game Boy Speaker

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Solid speaker, cheap wires

I put one of these in my DMG and it has a really crisp sound, even without any other audio mods. My only gripe is that one of the wires came off during installation (which is not an involved process), so I had to solder in a new wire, which involved melting the epoxy to expose the soldering point. It wasn't a huge ordeal, but it was an unnecessary one.

Pushy rummble
It works

The speakers does what it's supposed to. It also gave me a chance to practice a bit on my soldering skills, it isn't hard as it took me longer to take everything out than to solder it but otherwise it works great.

Garrett Sey
Great Speaker

Super easy to install and pairs great with the CleanAmp v1.1 Amplifier in my DMG. Would and do plan to buy again. Can't go wrong here! Sound is amazing!

Rose Watson

Game Boy Speaker

Fox Reno
Excellent Replacement

Comes with an adhesive ring to help hold it in place.
Note that it's tricky to use with the Gameboy Advance SP as the OEM speaker is detachable and meant to be inserted like buttons, held in place by the back shell. This is difficult to do with the replacement as its is not detachable and instead soldered on by wires. You may need to use adhesive to get it in just the right place. Considering I didn't notice a significant improvement in sound quality, I recommend just using the OEM speaker for this system.

Gonzalo Paolo Carrasco Montanares
Perfect and easy to install

Excellent sound and easy to install. Just two small soldering joints, a little bit of patience and you should be good to go.