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Absolutely in love

I love my custom GBA so much. I picked out a wide variety of mods:
- HiSpeedIO IPS v2 screen: it's bright, it's vibrant, the display is responsive, and not a spec of dust to be seen
- Denoise/Dehum: makes a huge difference from my stock GBA -- my sensitive IEMs pick up zero noise and the garbles when my flashcarts load games are almost completely gone. No noise during actual gameplay
- ClearNoise AMP: whew, this thing gets LOUD, my GBA can totally fill the room now. I usually play at like 30% volume when alone
- Replacement capacitors: I don't know if I have golden ears enough to tell, but it's nice to have the peace of mind that the components are quality
- Brass buttons: chonky, hefty, weighty, feel great to play with
- clicky triggers: they sure do click! feel great
- CleanJuice USB-C battery: I haven't run it dry during sessions yet. It keeps a consistent green light lit even when the screen is at max brightness
- Crystal Slime case: it's like I'm holding something radioactive -- exactly the look I was going for

The GBA came in a lovely box with a QC sticker protecting the screen. The internal build quality of the soldering work looks fantastic through the transparent case. This thing is perfect and I can't wait to play it for years to come.

Michael Dillon

This may be a little lengthy but as someone who hadn't really delved too deep into modded products, this review is going to tell a great story.

I have been working on my game boy collection for a while now but whenever I want to play it, my wife doesn't like that I leave the light on while she's watching her shows. This kept me from playing as much but I knew I could find a solution. I decided to find the best GBA possible. I found hhl online and they had so many options for every potential component. I was blown away and said this is where I was going to go.

Not really knowing what all I was selecting, I understood most of it but still I'm not that technically capable, and after clicking through every potential option I could, I apparently clicked a few things that were incompatible or ended up doing the same job as a different component. Both customer service and the modder reached out to inform me but I could save my money and they removed the unnecessary options. They responded very quickly and could have said nothing to keep my money but they made a point from two departments to make sure that I was taken care of fairly. It's not just a good person over there, it's a great company culture that looks out for their customer.

When I received my Ultimate Game Boy advance, I was floored. It's gorgeous, loud and crisp, Incredibly clean, well put together and I know without a doubt I have already put over 100 hours on it in just a month. That may be more than I should but I've just been so excited to enjoy it. An absolutely amazing product.

I had a couple of conversations with three different people at hhl and every one of them was personable and it felt like I was talking to someone across the counter. We shared pictures of our game collections and talked about other hobbies. They make you feel like you can be friends. The fact they treat you with respect and they're not trying to lead you on in any way, this is the right company if you ever wanted to get a modded anything.

Thank you to everyone at hhl! On a last note I will say that my daughter is asking to play this GBA more than she is even playing her own 3DS XL.

Thank you for this very kind and well thought out review! The whole team truly appreciates it. We hope you and your daughter enjoy endless hours gaming!

Excellent quality, well assembled and frankly gorgeous.

I am happy to say HHL really knocked it out of the park on the build. This system is simply beautiful! Better yet, it shipped out in less than a week and I had it in my hands mere days after ordering. The additional keychain and stickers were a nice touch and it was packed it a wonderful box that made the whole experience of unboxing a lot of fun. The IPS screen is a must-have, and the 3.0 is everything I wanted it to be. I also got the USB-C rechargable battery and the modded amplifier. I also chose the capacitor upgrade as I hope to keep this system for many years.

This is simply what is described: the ultimate GBA. As someone who is just rediscovering this incredible little handheld, I'm glad I was able to order one built rather than attempt an assembly myself. Thanks HHL!


Got one fully loaded with video out. Very nice.

Custom GBA!

All I can say is I love it. I felt like a kid again opening it. Packaged well, great craftsmanship and in our communication I can tell they care about their product.


This GBA plays, looks, and sounds better than my rose tinted nostalgia remembers!


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