Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell

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The Game Boy Color Prestige IPS Ready Shell is a custom made high quality ABS shell made by RetroSix. These shells are designed for drop-in Q5 IPS LCD installs with just a few cuts of the posts inside the shells. 


  • Custom molded made with high quality ABS plastic
  • Molded for standard IPS display mods
  • Q5 brackets have fitting issues with these shells.
  • For Q5 displays, you only need to cut off the few alignment pins on the inside of the shell. For standard IPS displays, such as V2/V3, you will need to trim the pins, top tab, and a small portion of the D-pad area. Please see the Trim Guide under "Documentation" for more details.
  • Does not include buttons, membranes, or lenses





  • Not recommended for GBC Q5 Retro Pixel Laminated Lens kit. 
  • There is no logo on these shells.
  • On the front half of the shell there is a post on the middle left that has less plastic on one side. This is part of the design to fit the LCD. Please thread and screw this post very carefully and accordingly as to not split the post. Refunds/replacements will not be accepted 
  • Clear variants will be more frosted than crystal clear.
  • "Matte" means the shell will have a soft texture.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 34 reviews
    David Melgar
    Confusing Description

    Very upset with my experience. Initially ordered this shell as it was provided in the link that was on the IPS laminated screen stating that these specific shells were supported. When it arrived come to find out that it isn’t and that you have to manually cut it to fit the screen. I tried to reach out to support and both Brad and Jeff provided no assistance in providing an RMA for the return. The descriptions both have IPS in the titles and I specifically purchased the clear case and they look identical. Very unhappy with how they couldn’t provide an RMA for this error. They’re happy to take your money but will do little to give you any actually support besides provide pictures.

    Thanks for your review! We allowed the return of the shell but were unable to provide you with a pre-paid return label (as per our policy for items purchased by mistake within 30 days of purchase) as this shell page has plenty of information to help aid in any confusion that may ensue in regards to what shell is compatible with which IPS kit. For example, on this product page, we specifically list in the notes 'Not recommended for GBC Q5 Retro Pixel Laminated Lens kit.' It is a good idea to read over all product pages for each item purchased, including install guides that will also provide this information, thoroughly and click on the links provided that take you to the correct products pages for compatible products.

    Love this shell.

    Made it easier to upgrade the screen by purchasing this shell with it. Well-made, durable & great colors.

    Brandon Rogers

    The prestige ips shell was a excellent upgrade to my old Gameboy color

    John Benson
    Power Switch To Tight

    The power switch is way too tight. After putting everything together my Gameboy Color wouldn't turn off, took it apart again.

    To find the power switch was now snapped off. Making the entire board useless until I can replace the broken switch.

    I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

    Too fragile

    Received this shell to use with an IPS display and wireless charge kit. Took my time with the self threading screws using 1/4 turns to set them. Even with me walking on eggshells i still had one **** that cracked the post / case and now i have an ugly mark dead center of the shell. The battery cover latch is also too weak for the wireless charge kit and needed some extra help to get it in a position to stay closed with the wireless kit. Not horrible, but not something id think I'd recommend in its current state.

    I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

    Looks nice but...Needs Longer Screws!

    I bought this to go along with Q5 hispeedido LCD. Trimming the posts wasn't a problem and the screen fits. I did not have any issues getting the battery terminals through the openings in the back of the case as someone suggested. There are two main problems with this case. The first is that the power switch is now too tight to be comfortable, you need a lot of force to move it even after I backed off the case screws a half turn. But the reason I gave this two stars and not 3 or even 4 is that the screws provided are too short. The two middle ones stripped out on the first try and I had read the other reviews so I was being careful. The entire mod took a lot of time and there were many times I feared something was going wrong. But somehow everything worked out until....I can't close the plastic case?? I scoured my electronics and was able to find four screws that were about 20% longer than the ones HHL provided. My screws worked perfectly for the top 4 screws. I used the original GBC tri-wing head screws for the two inside the battery slot and those worked fine.
    This review could really easily be a 4. HHL needs to simply send slightly longer screws - should be an easy fix!

    I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

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