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Game Boy DMG Prestige IPS Shell - RetroSix

Game Boy DMG Prestige IPS Shell - RetroSix

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Pearl Purple (Discontinued)

SKU : GBD1016

Behold the holy grail of Game Boy DMG shells from our partner RetroSix.

The fit, feel, and tolerance of the RetroSix ABS shell is better than the original. The buttons are stronger with newer ABS and more accurate molds than the original, the buttons and triggers are ultra-responsive, the plastic is much stronger and free of any detects like those you get on injection-molded shells.

The battery compartment allows for a drop-in fit of the CleanJuice XL without any cutting required. If you plan to purchase a CleanJuice we recommend to purchase the USB-C battery cover so you have the USB C hole in the battery cover.

This listing is for a shell and battery cover. Buttons and Lens sold separately.


  • IPS ready. Simplify the installation of your Game Boy DMG RIPS V5 IPS Backlight.
  • Q5 LCD kits will require the viewing window to be modified.
  • Shell can still be used for regular Game Boy's without IPS screens. Original screens still fit perfect without any modifications.
  • The Pearl series includes a Matte anti-slip finish which creates a soft touch.
  • A majority of these shells will no longer have the "For Nintendo Game Boy" text as they are being phased out. Only Pearl White, Pearl Blue, and Clear will have applicable text. 
  • Clear variants will be more frosted than crystal clear.


  • 1x DMG Prestige Shell
  • 1x Battery Cover
  • 1x Set of screws and EXT port cover



  • As of 9/26/23 - Pearl White, Pearl Red, and Pearl Purple variant are currently not a perfect color match for Pearl White, Pearl Red, and Pearl Purple shell.
  • Created by RetroSix.
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