Frontlight Failures | Fixing Loose Wires

Frontlight Failures | Fixing Loose Wires

We know the feeling you get when you have patiently waited for your frontlight to arrive only to have one of the wires fall off! This is an issue with manufacture and we have made it known on many occasions. Despite the heartache, a quick fix is easily obtainable. All you need to do is solder the wire back on. Sounds like an easy task but this can be hard to do with the white glue they use to hold the wires in place, or lack thereof.

What you can do is start by using an X-acto knife to cut away the white glue to expose the SMD LED and solder pad underneath. The more you remove the easier you're going to make the process. The pad is located just outside of the rectangular LED. It's pretty small but with some wire tinning and good soler you'll get a strong repair and relief from the grief you just experienced! 

If the end of your wire is attached to the frontlight, re-strip and re-tin the end of the wire. If any solder remains on the solder pad remelt it and add fresh new solder. Add some hot glue to further reinforce your wire! Gluing the wires to the inside of the shell is another way to protect your wires from moving in the case and weakening your joints.

Project saved!


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