900mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP

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***Design does not fit perfectly into shells. Please purchase at your own risk. Returns/Refunds are not accepted for this product***

This Rechargeable Battery Pack delivers up to ten hours of non-stop fun on your Game Boy Advance® SP system. Heavy duty 900mAh rating and easy to install in your handheld.


  • New design with stronger capacity. Fit will be tight initially upon install but this is intentional. The SP batteries are not designed to be removed for years upon initial insertion. 
  • 900mAH
  • Battery life with IPS Mods will vary


  • 1x GBA SP Battery
This product is not designed, manufactured, sponsored, endorsed, or licensed by Nintendo® of America Inc in the United States and/or other countries.
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Customer Reviews

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David Garcia

900mAH Li-Ion Rechargeable Battery Replacement for Game Boy Advance SP

recieved another product

ordered an SP battery, received a DMG shell

Thanks for your review! I can see that you are an international customer. This means, that any battery sent internationally will be shipped in a DMG shell for customs purposes. If you have not done so already, please open up the battery housing of the shell and see if a battery is there. If it is not, please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com

If the battery is there, we would appreciate a revision or deletion of your review.

Kyle J
900mha battery for GBA sp

First off, the battery lasts so, so much longer than the battery that came with my sp when I bought it used. It was an original Nintendo and I could get maybe 2-3 hours max while using an ips screen on 5-6 brightness (out of 12 I believe) but with this new battery, I can play my whole 12 hour shift at work (off and on for 6-8 hours) and still come home in the morning and continue playing before I go to bed. It lasts so long!

The only issue I have, which is what others have said, is it doesn't fit perfectly. The battery went in with no problem, and closed up just fine, and then I felt the lip while I played and was like..hmmm.. tried tightening the **** a bit more, but it's still raised enough to be a mild annoyance, but certainly not a deal breaker. It's raised just about 1-2mm, so really not that much at all, but I like this perfect and this knocks my SP down to a 98/100 lol I bought two for both SP's which are using AliExpress replacement shells, so perhaps these will fit a stock Nintendo shell better, but for both brands of third party shells, the battery fits the same. Would I buy these again? Absolutely. If I found the same capacity battery, but if it fit...well then I'd buy those and not these. The price was right, and I can keep searching if it bothers me THAT much, which I may do, but these will work for the time being, and honestly probably for a while. My only other recommendation would be to throw a mini Handheld Legends sticker on the battery so that it shows something cooler than just 'battery pack' for those of us who use transparent shells

Thanks for your review! You may be able to help with the fitment issue by pressing the battery with mild pressure to reduce height. The difference may be very minimal but every mm counts when fitting aftermarket SP batteries since the fit is meant to be tight.

Matthew Adkins
Worth every Penny

not gonna lie this battery has held a charge SIGNIFICANTLY better than any SP battery you're gonna find on amazon or ebay.

Aren Prior
900mAH battery for gba sp not working in gba sp

I purchased a 900mAH battery for my gba sp, as I am modding one out. I heard good things about this battery, and I was very pleased when it worked before my mods. However, after I outfitted the gba sp with an ITA screen, the battery would no longer allow the system to boot, and it would no longer take a charge. I ended up swapping the 850 mAH battery from a ds into my gba sp, which now works fine. When I tried the 900 mAH battery that I bought from Handheld Legend in my ds it worked fine and takes charge. Overall I am quite disappointed with this purchase and would consider other options before buying another gba sp battery from Handheld Legend. This being said, they did include a free gameboy DMG shell in blue with my purchase, and I can report that the shell is very high quality! Last thoughts: Disappointed with gba sp battery, good service and good quality free shell.

Thanks for your review! Please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may look into this further with you.

Works great, fits great

Installed fast and fits well, works great, no issues. Buy this one!

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