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Designed and tested in the UK by a reputable modder and builder, the RetroSix/Hand Held Legend CleanJuice XL for Game Boy DMG is the ultimate upgrade to your console. Adds 11.1 watts of power (compared to 2 watt for the largest AA batteries available) giving you almost 6 times the game time!

*This version is larger in thickness compared to the DMG Original Cleanjuice. Current version of boards are black.


  • Charge at any time using a regular USB C cable, and even reverse charge the console from your phone if it supports power share. That means you can charge your GB while you are out, using your phone battery.
  • Connect battery to CleanJuice board (only fits in one way)
  • If your shell is a RetroSix IPS modified shell, no need to do anything. If it's regular shell, you will need to trim the 3 battery line stumps at the bottom of the battery compartment where the AA batteries usually go so that its flat.
  • Place battery into shell with the wire coming out at the bottom left corner, and the battery pushing the top left spring in.
  • Push the battery down at the bottom end.
  • Place the CleanJuice board on top of battery and push the springs down to make contact with top battery springs. The other 3 battery springs need to be removed
  • Pair with a USB-C battery cover for the DMG (sold separately)
  • You can also cut a hole for the USB-C port using a 4mm drill bit and drill 3 holes in the center of the battery cover as shown in the image.
  • Put the back cover on the console, and you are ready to go.
  • Give the CleanJuice a full charge and enjoy hours of gaming! Check out this article to see how long it could last.


  • 1x Lithium ion rechargeable battery (11.1 watts)
  • 1x Cleanjuice PCB



Light Indicator Key:

  • If the PG labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB cable is providing power to the system. This also means you can power your console from the USB without draining the battery - plug and play option.
  • If the CHRG labeled light on the board is on, this means the USB is charging the battery. When it goes off, the battery is fully charged.
  • Both indicator lights will be on when module is charging. When module is fully charged, only the PG light will remain.
  • If you connect a USB cable and the PG light does not turn on, your cable or power supply are faulty.



Risk of fire if improperly charged or if battery is punctured. Only use protected power sources along with power delivery (PD) compliant cables and chargers. Using uncertified hardware may result in more than 5v being delivered to your CleanJuice product. Damage caused by unsupported hardware voids our return/exchange policy.
Examples of supported chargers:

  • Nintendo Switch charger
  • MacBook Pro type C charger
  • Samsung type C charger
  • Google Pixel charger
  • USB A to USB C cable (certified only!)
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Customer Reviews

Based on 112 reviews
William Vinter
Extremely usefull!

A very easy mod to install & a absolute must for any DMG modding project! Gone are the days of changing dubble A's. And as a person who uses USB-C to charge pretty much everything this is great.

Great product

The installation was super easy the fitment was perfect, this got rid of the whine I had and has stopped the brown outs my Game Boy previously had.

Richard Crawford

Absolutely essential for a modern DMG mod. Gives both rechargeable battery and a Type C with an incredibly easy install.

Just had to cut out the ridges in the bottom of the shell and smooth it out with a routing tool. It comes with double sided tape but I don't find a reason to use it as it already fits snug and prefer the ability to easily remove it if/when needed.

Facile d'installation/grosse autonomie

Très facile à installer avec le cache batterie percé pour USB-C (en supplément). L'autonomie est très importante et fait passer ma DMG dans une nouvelle dimension. Au top!!

Edgar Lopez

Item was great your business was highly appreciate it

Kevin S
Great and Eazy upgrade

At the same time got the IPS ready shell so didn't have to do any trimming. Very easy install basically drop in and use. I get about 10 to 11 hours of play out of a charge, using a HISPEEDIDO LCD Q5 and an Everdrive game card. Would definitely recommend.

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