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If you have a Game Boy Advance CleanScreen TFT, are using a RetroSix GBA shell and need to get it perfectly centered and aligned, as well as held into position, then this is the perfect molded bracket for the job.

*5 Items required to complete this mod
  • Clear in color, so ideal for even clear mods.
  • Using the RetroSix GBA shell there is no cutting necessary, just drop the screen into the shell and place the bracket into place.
  • If you have a regular shell, the GBA CleanScreen TFT drops into original Nintendo shells perfectly without cutting or brackets, this bracket is only needed for our own GBA shells.


  • 1x Bracket for GBA CleanScreen



  • To install the Game Boy Advance CleanScreen just remove the old screen and connect the CleanScreen. Optionally solder a handful of pads onto the board with no wires (if you use the optional wire-free kit) to enable the on screen menu. Install can be done in a matter of minutes.
  • The CleanScreen can be installed without trimming anything, but to achieve a perfect seal with the frame, the plastic dimples should be trimmed and sanded down. This is fully optional, as the difference is extremely small to begin with, and is only recommended if you want to have it perfectly flush against the frame or use a dust-guard kit to ensure no dust can ever come between the screen and the lens.
  • Install guide available at and


  • Use OEM or original size lens for this mod.
  • Created by RetroSix.
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