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Removes the "hum" or "hiss" sounds created when installing an audio amplifier (Game Boy Advance CleanAmp Pro v1.0 Audio Amplifier)

  • Easy installation
  • No more soldiering tiny SMD parts
  • Specifically for the Game Boy Advance

This kit consists of the perfect spec capacitors to filter out the noise on the console itself, produced by the CPU, SRAM and power regulator. The lack of adequate filtering on the GBA means that noise is passed straight to the audio on the board, and these capacitors filter it before it gets to the audio, leaving you with super clean sound.



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Customer Reviews

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Gal Gofrit

I installed this together with the CleanAmp Pro kit, so I can't really speak for each one's efficiency, but they seem like an effective combo, as my audio is pretty good now. I must say the audio on my GBC is still better but not bad at all.


After building out my GBA mod i found that my audio just went to absolute ****. I have an IPS screen, Light kit and audio amp installed. The humm and buzzing, especially when i used an ezflash omega cart, was unbearable. First I recapped my board with new capacitors, very small improvement. Next I added a Helder power cleaner mod and it basically did nothing for my audio. Finally I added this de-hum kit and at least 90% of my noise went away. There is still an extremely small amount of hiss when audio isn't playing, but its very bearable. I think these kits are a must if you add aftermarket mods like IPS screen/lights/amps/flash carts/etc. I'll be including one on every single GBA mod from here on out.

It actually works! No hiss, no hum.

Installation wasn't the easiest. But I got it done at about half an hour. At first I thought it didn't work until I realized I was using a reproduction cartridge that had major hum on it. Once I used a uthentic GBA cartridge, I noticed that there was zero hum and zero hiss.

a bit wonky to install with unleaded solder

i use unleaded solder (99.3% tin/0.7% copper @ 350c) and the solder just wanted to whet up on the pads and not bridge between the ribbon and GBA. flux didnt help with that. wound up needing to use a wire to bridge most of the solder pads.
ive tested but even on volume off ive got a hum. i also have a amp and a CUI speaker installed. it might just be my GBA revision. but honestly ive not seen any kind of benefit from this,

Thanks for the review! We recommend using Leaded solder for all of our available mods; we have a soldering guide which you may find helpful for the future: https://wiki.handheldlegend.com/soldering-iron-guide

Jose Maldonado

Just what I needed

Katie Danger @gamergirlgameboymods
Great addition to a GBA

I love this mod! It’s easy to install if you have a bit of attention to detail and it provides a clarity of sound for headphone users that is a must!

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