Game Boy Bivert/Hex Module V2 | DMG

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Bivert modules are an effective way to upgrade the appearance of your LCD display. This easy to install module increases contrast by biverting (inverting twice) the pixels, once digitally and the second time optically by rotating the polarizing film. Once installed, pixels will have a blue appearance and enhanced gray scale saturation. The board lies flat on the PCB and lines up with the exact solder points you need to use!

  • 0.6mm board - super thin!
  • 2mm added to the bottom of the board for easy soldering (V1 -> V2)
  • Compatible with the Game Boy Original (DMG) and the Game Boy Pocket (MGB) (Extra wires needed)
  • Only 1 wire required for install in the DMG | 1 Wire is included!
  • Hex inverter is already soldered for you
  • Bridge pins 4/5, 9/10, 11/12, and 13/14 with solder for increased reliability (See last photo)
  • Can also be used for Game Boy Pocket, but will not be a perfect fit

What you need to install:

We recommend  the "pin lift" method when installing. 

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Customer Reviews

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hope it works

been working out of town so i am guessing itll do a great job once i get to working on the 3 kits for the 3 different gameboys I have to use this kit on. Once I do i will leave a more accurate review


Works as intended, now i just need to buy the backlight mod and it'll look even better.

Nicholas Persichilli
A world of difference

A backlit display with this mod looks infinitely better than one without it. I think it should be a required part of backlighting an OEM screen.


It does what it says it does. The chips provided on these boards, the 74HC04D are about $0.47 cents each (when sold individually; for official Toshiba) and 100 of these boards would total about $14. $2-2.50 would be a more reasonable price for all it is. That's what I would charge, personally. At least for customers buying backlights as well, I would give them a reduced price.

alan greenwood
Fitting was interesting.

Not as easy as it seems from some utubes. I did in the end desolder the bottom grid. Not fun to refit. Even after trimming the frame for the power wires, I still found that the display sticks above it by about 1mm. So a small but visible gap down one edge of the case after reassemble. That said, the display looks amazing compared to the original. I'm still glad I did it.

Dan Costalis
Works fantastically

This worked great alongside the DMG LED backlight to really significantly improve the picture quality. Very easy to install. Highly recommend.

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