ProGCC 3 - Switch Pro Competitive Conversion Kit

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For competitive play, just one moment of wireless lag or interference can mean everything.

Enter ProGCC 3 - a drop-in PCB conversion kit designed from the ground up for performance.

Note that this is a wired-only controller kit! Wireless functionality is removed entirely for performance reasons. On Nintendo Switch you will achieve 4.4 frames of input lag at a base. 6 frames in Smash Ultimate. 


  • Hall-sensing joysticks from Gulikit
  • Easy configuration with application
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch/PC/Mac/Android with Chrome
  • XInput support
  • 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Analog stick precision calibration
  • Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Adjustable snapback filter
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Works with GameCube and N64 via USB-C passthrough cables.

*Compatibility with NES and SNES to be added via a software update after release.

*Rumble is currently not supported in GC Mode, however it will be enabled via a future update!


  • Configuration app available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Chrome or Edge web browser required)
  • Customize each LED color independently
  • Adjust snapback settings
  • Test analog stick input


  • 1x Button board (white color)
  • 1x Main board (blue color)
  • 2x ribbon cables (one extra in case of damage)
  • 2x cell rumble motors (Pre-soldered)
  • Rumble mounts NOT included - purchase separately here.



  • As we continue our journey with the ProGCC 3, expect new features and tweaks based on invaluable user feedback. Stay updated with our social media channels for the latest announcements! A special shout-out to @ShinyMark1 on Twitter for letting us feature his video.
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Customer Reviews

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ProGCC 3 - Best Investment I Ever Made

As someone who constantly puts his controller through rigorous labbing, constant competition, I went through many iterations of controllers. OEM GCNs, modded (expensive) GCNs, Pro Controllers, fixed many Pro Controllers… none of these have held up or even come close to the quality, and experience to that of the ProGCCs controllers (v2, v3).

I was fortunate enough to prototype ProGCC 3; constant updates, Q&A testing, in-app browser updates, and an all over the board excellent experience with Mitch Cairns, and his dedication to making this the absolute best controller on the market.

This controller/PCB will be the best purchase you will make, if you’re exploring the options for competitive, or just a solid controller. With Hall-Effect sticks, LEDs, and multiple modes to adapt to the console you play it on—this is a no brainer.

Especially if you can build this yourself, this is the way to go.
I coach, compete, and I would do this again in a heartbeat.

The competitive pro controller

Where to start? I’ve tested the controller with Smash Bros Ultimate, Apex Legends for Switch, and Zelda ToTK. I’d rank my best controllers as follows:
Pro-GCC v3 (best)
8bitdo Ultimate
Nintendo Pro controller
PowerA Fusion Pro (worst)

Pro-GCC v3 is absurdly compatible with other Nintendo consoles, such as GameCube, N64, SNES, and NES. You can also connect to computers to play whatever you want there. The controller config is browser based and readily accessible (even for me on a MacBook Pro).

Taking my controller apart sounded a little intimidating at first, but I needed new thumbsticks in my controller anyways so I practiced by replacing my thumbsticks and buttons with new ones by Extremerate. When the Pro-GCC board came in it was very easy to install for me since it’s the same steps (plus rumble). I’d honestly recommend getting extra screws in case you drop one. Installation is purely mechanical, ie no soldering, just taking screws out and putting them back.

This is definitely my go to controller now for any game requiring precise inputs, traditional or gyro (motion). It’s common to have a backup controller at Smash Bros Tourneys, and so I’ll be making a second Pro-GCC soon for that.

As of late September 2023, firmware development is very active and it’s nice opening the config, finding out there’s an update, and seeing the new/improved features that have been added.

If you’re on Discord, be sure to join the server. I’m naturally curious and even I haven’t had a question that no one there could answer.

A Week After I Put It Together

My local meetups go crazy with this controller. I had 8 different people try it out with their mains, and 7/8 found their flick back to just disappear (That was their biggest buff about it). I personally didn't find a real difference in connectivity in low interference environments like my college game room (Actually it seemed a bit worse than regular controllers, but then again, I just installed octagon gates too so maybe that had something to do with it) but in locals environment it felt buttery smooth. 9/10 my friends were sold on a nonexistent sales pitch by just trying it out.

Trevor Lue Chee Lip
Huge set of features

This controller has it all in terms of performance and features . It has taken three iterations but now the controller has more than you can ask for

Squirrel B
Best Controller I've Ever Used

Been using a Progcc V2 since November 2022, and just recently got my hands on a v3l. This controller feels so much smoother, has more features, and is cheaper than the v2. It's an insanely good deal and is leagues better than pro controller for consistency and versatility and far more ergonomic than a gamecube controller. It's super easy to assemble with an easy to follow guide (helpful tip, you don't need the screws in the batter compartment to actually assemble the controller, and not using them means you avoid the risk of tearing the trigger ribbon cable). Easy 10/10.

Web App config and Poor Documentation

For a product that relies so much on configuring the settings to fit your play style, the documentation is very poor. Some of the earlier revisions had the details I was looking for. If I went solely off the V3 Wiki, I would have a three star product at best. A web app is not an appropriate solution forbconfigruing hardware. The board has been great otherwise, but for me, I feel this overshadows the hard work put into this new revision.

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