Game Boy Pocket Bivert Installation and Comparison

Game Boy Pocket Bivert Installation and Comparison

 Game Boy Pocket Bivert with Backlight

In the community of Game Boy modding, the bivert modification has been a staple when improving the quality and clarity of the Game Boy Original (DMG). Many think that this modification is not necessary with the Game Boy Pocket (MGB) due to the increased resolution of the LCD itself; a noticeable improvement of the DMG. Although the screen does look better without any modifications when compared to its predecessor, adding a Hand Held Legend bivert module to your MGB will give you the best LCD clarity ever achieved on this console.

Game Boy Pocket Bivert Wire Set Up with Backlight

Installation is a bit tricker than the the installing a made-to-fit module for the DMG but this module still helps the average user to complete an easier and less frustrating mod when compared to the hex-inverter chip alone. You'll need some extra wires (28 gauge) and the backlight installation is required to achieve a normal look, but there isn't much different between the DMG and the MGB installation procedures themselves. The solder points on the Game Boy Pocket's logic board are something you'll have to deal with as they are a bit more complex than the DMG and require more precise soldering. We recommend you start with the DMG installation if you are a beginner as this will help you improve your soldering skills. Despite these challenges you can still get a strong bond and solid installation. 

Here is a video that one of our customers did comparing the differences between a non-biverted MGB console and a newly biverted one. Notice that the biverted screen, although approximately equal in resolution, is bolder, nicer and just plain easier to view.

For installation instructions, take look at This Does Not Compute's video showing you the step-by-step process or check out the instructions page for more info. Although this is not necessarily a difficult modification, it may take you some more time as you need to cut, strip and tin multiple wires that run the length of the console.

In the end, you will be happy you completed the bivert mod on a Game Boy Pocket and you'll have had some fun doing so in the process!


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