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Game Boy Modding Printed Book - hand-held-legend

Game Boy Modding teaches you how to purchase, refurbish, mod, and customize Nintendo Game Boys. The consoles are widely available and the customizations are affordable, requiring only limited tools and know-how. Retro consoles are seeing a resurgence of popularity worldwide, and king among these throwback devices is the Game Boy, which sold over 100 million units in its lifetime and introduced gamers to Mario and Pokemon. These consoles emanate pixelated 8-bit retro charm, but some lack the modern technological enhancements that we take for granted in 2020. You'll learn basic soldering and hardware modification techniques; how to change speakers, buttons, and screen lenses; how to fix dead speakers and sticky buttons; and how to personalize your Game Boy to your heart's content.

The book is published by no starch press and can be found here: Use code MODDEMBOYZ  for 40% off your pre order with immediate access to the ebook. Good until April 27th.

Author Bio 

Well-known in the international gaming and modding community, Greg Farrell is an experienced Game Boy modder and customizer who has built and sold hundreds of units. Greg has previously published two graphic novels and a book of lists. He has an active Instagram account dedicated to Game Boy modding with thousands of followers (@gamechanger_mods).

Table of contents 

Part One: Background

Chapter 1: Intro to Modding and the History of Game Boy
Chapter 2: Tools, Techniques, and Repair

Part Two: Mods

Chapter 3: Game Boy DMG: "The Brick"
Chapter 4: Game Boy Color
Chapter 5: Get the Look! Customizing Your Game Boy
Chapter 6: Game Boy Pocket
Chapter 7: Game Boy Advance
Chapter 8: Collector's Guide
Chapter 9: Pokemon Mini
Chapter 10: Conclusion


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