Review: 1Up Console Cleaner by Kain de Rivera (Atomik Mods)

Review: 1Up Console Cleaner by Kain de Rivera (Atomik Mods) - hand-held-legend

Hand Held Legend, HHL, 1Up, Kain de Rivera, Atomik Mods

Hand Held Legend is where I purchase most of my gameboy backlights, tools and accesories. So when I came across the 1UPcard in their tools section it felt like a no-brainer; get this tool by Katamco! The main reason is because I have a couple of consoles where the cartridge takes a few tries to boot up. Overall, it’s a great product. It keep consoles in working order and the design is easy to use. Can you ask for more? Turns out, you can. Not only is it in cartridge format, it is compact and efficient without damaging the connectors on the console. It looks cool, to boot. 

Connector pins inside the cartridge slot are hard to reach, even with q-tips or other small cleaning products. The 1UPcard reaches these pins without strain on you, or your gear. It does it quickly, efficiently and you don’t even have to take apart your old brick. Take my console, for example: took several tries to boot up, and had difficulty playing games.

Hand Held Legend, HHL, 1Up, Kain de Rivera, Atomik Mods

Enter 1UPcard. It turned a stubborn, ho-hum console that would frequently print glitched logos into a brick well-worth owning. Since it is specifically designed for this task, no additional cleaners or further cleaning is necessary. This maintenance is important, not only for gaming, but for chiptuning and other unorthodox experiments. The fact that I don't have to blow into my carts when switching them out and worrying about the boot up being a hassle while playing live gives me great confidence. 

Hand Held Legend, HHL, 1Up, Kain de Rivera, Atomik Mods

“Less Cleaning, More Gaming” is Katamco’s statement, and they hold true to that. One card is enough to use on multiple consoles and many times. It’s compatible with Game Boy, Game Boy Color, Game Boy Advance, and Game Boy Advance SP. No more old tricks. No more losing your breath: Katamaco knows console maintenance. I would recommend this console cleaner to all retrogaming aficionados, it is a great gadget to have around that improves on the retrogaming experience!

The 1UPcard by Katamco is available on their web page, or in the parts and tools section on Hand Held Legend. I would like to thank Hand Held Legend for providing these console cleaning products and the opportunity to review this gadget that I had a highly positive experience with and hope others do the same!

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