Refurbishment Process

Experience the most rigorous refurbishment process available in retro console modding. We strive for perfection and focus on even the smallest of detail. Our quality control processes and electronics testing methods verifies our work. This can include but is not limited to circuit analysis, initial and final testing, visual inspection with aid of magnification, component testing, and verification of functionality to ensure end results for our end users. 

Listed below are descriptions of some of our processes with definitions, examples, and/or photos of our refurbishment processes at work. You can also check out our YouTube channel for reference videos.

Since processes vary from console to console, we will cover as many as possible and continue to add as we develop more and more. Generally speaking there is no higher quality than the Original Equipment Manufacturer's parts, most of which are obsolete. 

For these reasons we strive to restore and preserve precious OEM parts that are scarce and important for the future of the retro consoles we love so much.

  • Initial Testing - This refers to the first test performed before working on or servicing a console in general, it is a functionality test of the console in question and helps determine current condition and any malfunctions. Gameplay tests are generally performed as well.

  • Disassembly - Taking apart the console to the level needed to perform work or modification. This varies depending on service or mod in question to the level of full teardown or re-build. We take extreme caution in all assembly processes.

  • Visual Inspection - We inspect the console for faulty components, corrosion, or other red flags before proceeding.

  • Corrosion Damage - We DO NOT attempt to repair corrosion damaged consoles, If corrosion has spread the console is rejected and harvested for functional parts. Furthermore we DO NOT repair circuitry when selling you a console. This ensures you always get a fully functional motherboard when purchasing from us. 

  • Power Switch Cleaning/Refurbishment - We desolder the metal switch cover and remove the switch, the switch and track are cleaned with 99% isopropyl alcohol. If the console is in good condition this is sufficient. If not, tarnish removers and high-grit wet sanding will surely restore it. This is confirmed by a continuity test.

  • Component Testing - Most SMD components are visually inspected, however we verify functionality of main electrolytic capacitors and replace as needed.

  • PCB Buttons - These contact points for membranes are native to GameBoy consoles pre Advance SP. Cleaning and inspection is performed and console is rejected for parts if condition is poor.
  • Tactile Buttons - A three step restoration process is used on OEM bumpers to ensure a clean original feel. This includes 99% isopropyl alcohol, tarnish remover, and a de-oxidizing contact cleaner as a protectant. For dome style tactile issues the tactile is replaced with a new.

  • Game Cartridge - We clean every consoles game cartridge and cartridge switch (if applicable) with contact cleaner and compressed air.

  • Volume Wheels & Sliders - We flush with 99% isopropyl alcohol, spin/slide, blast with air and repeat. We then finish off with a de-oxidizing protectant that also gives the wheel a smooth feel.

  • Ports - If port condition is good, isopropyl scrubbing is sufficient. If not then use of wire brushes, rotary tools, and sand papers can be used to refinish. If condition is poor the port is replaced.

  • Final Testing - A functionality test of inputs and functions with gameplay and final visual inspection.