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This Division 6 mod allows you to change the speed of the Game Boy Advance (GBA) to one of four speeds including: normal, fast, ultra and slow-motion by simply simultaneously pressing three buttons on the GBA. GBAccelerator is useful for quickly bypassing text in games, speeding up games when they experience ‘slowdown’, for slowing down the action in tough games and for custom homemade games made to use the faster processing power that GBAccelerator provides. Chiptune producers will be able to create new, crazy sounds since the audio changes pitch as the speed changes.

This kit features completely internal installation so it won’t affect the look of your Game Boy.

Note: Basic soldering skills are required to install this mod.

We have noted that Unbranded/HiSpeedido/New FunnyPlaying IPS kits may not be compatible with this mod. We suggest only using older versions of FunnyPlaying kits or original (OEM) LCD kits at this time. Refunds will not be accepted if mod does not work with Unbranded/HiSpeedido/Newer FunnyPlaying IPS kits. If you have questions if your LCD kit will be compatible or not, please reach out to support.

This product will be discontinued once we are sold out.


  • GBAccelerator Chip
  • Double-Sided Tape
  • Wiring Kit

Installation Instructions:

Normal 1x
Fast 1.5x
Ultra 1.75x
Slow-Motion .85x


When you first power on your Game Boy, it will be running at normal speed. At any time during gameplay you may change the clock speed by simultaneously pressing L, R and Select (or whichever combination of 3 buttons you connected the GBAccelerator to). The power LED will indicate which speed is currently selected. The following table shows the available speeds and their corresponding LED codes:

Normal 1x Solid
Fast 1.5x 1 Blink
Ultra 1.75x 2 Blinks
Slow-Motion 0.85x Fade


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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Travis Fisher
GBA accelerator

I bought an accelerator about a year before I bought this new one for the gameboy advanced SP. The first one was defective out of the box. I tried resoldering the accelerator multiple times to rule out user error. It would work, but the screen would be fuzzy when sped up. Anyway I bought it a second time to place in my gameboy advanced. And it absolutely works wonderful. And it's super sweet for old pokemon games.

Amazing product

Installed 6 of these in various GBA SP consoles - they work just as advertised and never any issues.

T. Dekker

I bought the GBAccerlerator for original GBA, installation was not to difficult. The GBAccerlerator works great with some games while other games (for example Pokemon Ruby) the game crashes at Ultra speed. Be aware the main problem I found with this product is to go back to Normal speed you have to first trough the other speeds Normal speed -> Fast -> Ultra -> Slow Motion back to Normal for some games this does not work because of the Crashes at Ultra speed. Wish there was an option to go down in Clock Speed.

Logan Humphryis
GBACCELERATOR is a fantastic product

Awesome little mod you can install yourself, a must have for anyone modding their GBA. Works fantastic, fast post to australia, couldnt be happier. Cheers

Its a Most Have

You’ll need some tools and bit of patience but it works miracles worth every penny Fast Shipping too

Logan Fricke
Love it

It's a solid board and it works great! It's really cool to overclock your Gameboy to get through turn based games much faster. On the SP, I had to trim down the Plastic that holds the nut for the battery cover. After installing, I would recommend buying a solder heat gun. The pads of the crystal you have to remove are underneath the chip and almost impossible to remove with a soldering iron and solder wick. With the heat gun it took less than 30 seconds to remove.

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