Chrome Game Boy Advance Button Sets

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Andre Mayleas
So Shiny ✨💜✨💜✨💜✨

I'll keep this short & sweet.....
These buttons are really nice. Feel great and love that it has the hard start and select buttons included as well as the power switch and custom membranes. They look awesome

Genesis Gutierrez

So nice to stare at lol super easy to install !!

Shane Geimhcs
Chrome buttons

They feel very high quality and fit my Gameboy nicely. It was a good purchase and made my gameboy look great!

Amazing - With One Issue

Yes, they are expensive for painted plastic, but they look amazing. I also love the Start and Select buttons being plastic pieces instead of the normal rubber.
They will look blue until you look at them at an angle, then they are purple.

The only issue is the L and R buttons - they did not want to go in as easily as other button sets, and now the lightest touch can make my L button register a press. (RetroSix Shell)
If I am able to find out why this is happening I'll update this review. But I didn't see any excess plastic or junk material that would cause this to happen on accident, the paint and whatever coating is on there to seal it may be making them larger than normal.

Even with this issue, this is my favorite GBA at the moment.