CleanJuice Game Boy DMG USB-C Rechargeable Battery Pack | Original

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Michael R.
Easy install

Was easy to install and the custom case back was almost an exact match to the original gameboy battery case.

Dan Myers
Worth Every Penny!

Admittedly, the first unit I ordered did have a small defect. For some odd reason it was discharging after a full charge without being powered on. It would be dead after 24-48 hours with zero playing. HOWEVER!!!! Hand Held legends are AMAZING at customer service!!! I asked the questions MONTHS after purchase about why it might be doing this. They told me it was an unfortunate defect and does happen once in a blue moon. Without question they sent out a replacement that I have installed and charged a week ago, and I played about an hour, and the battery is STILL holding! So clearly it was a defective unit in the beginning.

All that being said, even the defective u it was worth its weight in gold! The AAs that didn’t need to be bought and thrown away after a few hours of game play! Do not hesitate to try this product for yourself! As the title says, WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Billy Chestnut
Essential for repairs. Very handy!

I was using a regular cart to test Gameboys when doing mods, but it takes a long time to boot, listen for audio, press buttons for response. This test cart instantly lets you run all the tests FAST. Button, RAM, audio, scrolling. It's all there. I do a mod, plug the ribbon cable, plug into power, switch on, and quickly identify if there is a non-functioning button and which one. Brilliant!

Sean Tibor
Works great

Works really well. Required minimal trimming of plastic inside battery compartment. Usb-c port sticks out a bit from the back of the compartment, but I may just need to adjust it better.

Thomas Seidel

Great! But it is not fit perfect in the shell.

Great Drop-In Replacement

I have very little complaints. Two things: I had to remove the battery terminals in my Gameboy to install, and I put foam on top of the PCB to keep it help in place when removing the charger. Overall though, the product is great. I highly recommend!