CleanJuice Game Boy DMG USB-C Rechargeable Battery Pack | Original

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Frank Wittig
Nice addition for IPS DMG with loose fit

After modding a DMG with an IPS panel I noticed the DMG to prematurely give up on half empty batteries because the backlit IPS panel needs a minimum voltage to work. Using this battery mod provides a stable voltage for the modded console. Runtime is plenty and charging opportunities available everywhere so gaming time is virtually unlimited.

I have to subtract one star for the less than ideal fit. Out of the box the battery plus PCB combo fits very loosely into the battery compartment of the DMG. there is plenty of wiggle room which my device used to lose contact with the battery terminals of the DMG. I had to 3D print a special bracket to hold it in place. With the bracket it fits perfectly and tops off my perfect DMG build.

Calvin Gaskill
Not a review but a question

Is it supposed to do that

Shaun Eachus
A must have.

Super easy install and lasts a long while. Well worth the purchase.

Jacob November
Odd lights, not a perfect fit, great unit overall

I have experience with GBA version and was incredibly impressed so I didn't hesitate when building my DMG. Unlike the GBA, the DMG version doesn't fit perfectly in the battery compartment. I ended up putting a makeup sponge in the bottom to elevate the battery pack towards the contacts and opening for the USB C cable. Also, maybe just an anomaly with my unit, but when the LEDs are on for charging I get a blue and orange light but then an orange light when fully charged. Bottom line, the unit works great but the lights were reversed from the descriptions online and made me worry it was defective at first.

Adam Trevizo
Battery Drains completely after a week.

I should’ve just stuck with AAs. This battery pack will drain from full to dead after a week of no use. Also, I can’t charge from the usb-c cutout on the battery cover. There needs to be some type of spacer. If this battery pack is pushed in all the way the usb-c connector won’t be able to reach the female end on the battery pack.

I'm sorry you are having issues with this product. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Enrico Schulze

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