CleanJuice DMG XL Rechargeable Battery Mod

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Works, but...

The hissing sound it makes is disconcerting, and changes tone if you touch it. Installing was a hassle, no because of the shell clipping, but that you can over clip the bottom ones and it makes it very difficult to close properly. I had to use a Wedge to get it to align. Also, and maybe as a result of the last part, but the battery cover bulges a bit. No of them are big deals, I think... but had I known about the hiss and such, I would have just got rechargeable AAs and called it a day.

Jonathan Chapman
I like this product but some caveats.

First of all the installation requires taking out the metal springs so you have to open your unit up to do that. And depending on your shell you may need to cut the plastic dividers in the battery department. So you have to butcher your old original DMG shells unfortunately (or a better plan is to buy a replacement shell). Wish the lithium pack was just thinner and could be placed in without removing the springs. But the unit does what it's supposed to and seems to work well. I had some screen noise with my LCD screen, but it's not normally noticeable. Still on the fence about the two terminals up top. I've had to bend them and reinsert when my unit wouldn't come on. They're just not springy enough to always make solid contact.

Alexander LeFevre
Functionality awesome with some day to day quirks

Let me preface anything else with saying I am very happy with my purchase, and I would absolutely purchase it again given the chance. It is easy to install even in an original shell, and overall the product is well designed and basically foolproof. The battery life is ridiculous. I'm not patient enough to actually play the handheld long enough to draw it all the way down, so I had my little nephew play it for almost 5 days before the battery was truly close to discharged. This way it went through one full cycle and I wouldn't be commiting an egregious error by not following the standard lithium battery break in routine. Status LEDs tell you what you need to know, and standard USB-C couldn't be any easier.

Why is a star missing? I had some issues with the tabs on the CleanJuice control board staying in contact with the battery tabs in the DMG. I messed with it a bit, and it would work perfectly for a while before sitting down and the switch wouldn't turn the Gameboy on. I ended up 3D printing a quick solution and it hasn't been an issue since. I couldn't not deduct a star, which I hate doing to a great product like this, but the fact that I had to come up with a solution to resolve an issue that affected daily use, the star had to go...

Still though, I'd buy again in a heartbeat. I'm sure future revisions will render the issue moot!


CleanJuice DMG XL Rechargeable Battery Mod

Charles Davis
Buy this now!

At roughly $5 for four Good AA batteries this will pay for itself in just a few months.


This thing is up there with one of the best "must-have" DMG mods. With a pre-cut shell it literally could not be easier to install. Battery lasts insanely long too. If you have an IPS screen and use a flashcart, those both tend to draw a bit more power - plus with AA's as the battery drains the voltage drops, which can add a tiny amount of stress on the components. This provides clean reliable power, and is recommended for any DMG out there. Seriously!