CleanJuice DMG XL Rechargeable Battery Mod

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Good Stuff

Shipping is fast. Quality and functionality are top notch. Much Recommend.

Nice battery mod when paired with a precut shell

I used one of these so far for a friend. It's a nice touch for them not to need batteries. I personally still find AAs the better choice as you can swap out and continue playing without having to charge.

Clean juice dmg xl

It was a easy install. Just 5 minutes with your trusty rotory tool of choice to gind down the battery alignment pegs then pull out the battery posts that you no longer need with a pair of pliers and your off to the races!

Excellent power up! Instructions missing a key step.

Works great! This is an essential upgrade if your Game Boy has an IPS screen and want to enjoy long battery life. The kit does not come with instructions so you'll have to read the steps listed here on this web page. However, the instructions are missing a critical step if you're modding a regular DMG shell. In addition to trimming the 3 battery supports, you must remove the two lower and one upper battery springs. If you don't, the battery pack won't fit properly. This involves opening the case, detaching the ribbon cable, and removing the rear board so that you can access and pop out the spring plates. It is very easy, but you'll need a Y1 screwdriver to open up the case. I'm not sure why they don't mention this step because it's impossible to install it properly without it! Once those springs are gone, the battery fits perfectly. I'm loving my rechargeable Game Boy!

One of they last batteries ull ever change in ur DMG

Easly installed

A must for Everdrive owners

This couple with the CleanPower board will give your DMG all the power it needs to run your Everdrive for way past the amount of time standard AAs offer. Simple to install and you'll never need to open your battery door again thanks to the modified USB-C doors available. A must have for any serious DMG enthusiast.