CleanJuice DMG XL Rechargeable Battery Mod

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Be very careful

The mod works, but caused a lithium fire at my house.
Nothing too grave due to having everything at home for a proper lithium fire/smoke response, but it deserves to be explained.

The design choices made for this product are very strange.
I had to put, and remove multiple times the PCB and battery, and this is where the problems appear.
The USB-C positioned in such a way that opening the battery case will twist it, potentially desoldering it from the PCB.
Due to it getting stuck, you have to remove the whole Battery+PCB if you want to remove the mod.
However, the battery being under the PCB, it risks being punctured everytime you try to get it out.
And this is what happened : after a few times of removing, and putting again (which i needed to do for debugging purposes), the battery got punctured, and started smoking.

I do not understand why this mod is designed in this way.
The battery should be able to be removed without the use of force, tools, and/or pulling.
Right now, the way it is, is : either you take the risk of ripping your USB-C port off the board, or you risk having your battery punctured.

So, if you buy this mod : be careful. Lithium batteries are a whole other lever of danger if handled improperly.

Dan Gutierrez
Worked, worked, worked amazingly.

I bought a modded game boy from a local shop, came with a broken cleanjuice. It wouldn’t charge. Jumped online to see how to fix it, saw it want very much to just buy a complete replacement. It’s not much more than buying a couple of packs of batteries. Ordered it fixed it, runs wonderfully. The amount I play my device its well worth it. Think about it. If you’re gonna play Pokémon yellow, it covers the amount the batteries would have cost to play through once. So… super worth it! Yeah, you gotta shave down and knock a hole in the back of your device. But, if you’re a player, get this. If you’re a collector, keep your device in perfect condition. We need your devices down the road to play, once I wear this down.

Juan Manuel Reguilon Oter

CleanJuice DMG XL Rechargeable Battery Mod

jason fajardo
Goodbye disposable batterys

Worth the upgrade. No more spending money on batteries. Works great and charges every time.

Garrett Sey
A Must Have

It doesn't get any easier than this for a rechargeable upgrade. Long life. Great functionality. Easy to install. Minor trimming if installing on an original shell, but still easy. Have purchased 3 of these and never once been disappointed. Gives you hours upon hours of game play before having to recharge.

Great upgrade

Super easy to install long lasting battery. Some bending of the pin may be needed to retain strong connection