CleanPower DMG (v2.0) DC-Regulator Board

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Juan Saldivar
It did the trick!

Got my Everdrive working. That with my IPS display draw a lot of power so with the constant clean 5V that this puts out solved the problem during load crashes

Gabriel Crewson

Works great!

Fresh Brew Customs (Leo)
Recommended, works great!

I really like this product! Very easy to install, just try not to mess up the original wires when switching the board out those aren't quite as easy to replace. Even if you're not having any kind of power issues, the original boards are so old I'd recommend it anyway if you're installing multiple mods, and especially if you're using flash carts.

Andrew Bowser
Better audio and likely fixed a flash cart issue.

I believe this fixed some programming issues with a flash cart I'm using (Everdrive GB Pro REV B). Added some scope plots of the original and cleanpower 5V rail (AC coupled, 50mV/div). In my view it was worth it for my issue, but I could see people not wanting to solder if what they have works. In my engineering opinion the original power supply is a poor, cheap, and old type of design. The cleanpower board is how we design modern low power converters and it shows in scope plots and performance.

Justin Mitchell
Revitalized Contrast

Original DMG (no previous mods).
This was a VERY quick desolder/resolder job. The levels of extra contrast on my original DMG were obvious and that’s exactly why I purchased the kit. If I had to describe the difference it would be like adding a factor of 10 to the knob. Previously it would scroll 1-10 but now I fell like I have 1-100 (whatever that’s worth on the dot matrix display it ain’t a backlight mod)! The sound was fairly clean to begin with but it certainly didn’t hurt any audio quality. The Gameboy could be played at full volume on speaker and headphones with zero distortion, hum, or hiss. All my DMGs will be getting these from now on! Thanks!!

Michael The Handheld Collector
boring stuff unless you need one!

My DMG-01 went dead a few weeks ago. There was no sound or picture, just the glowing red LED. There was no obvious indicator of failed capacitors or other damaged parts, so I just guessed it was something on this board.

You should desolder the wires from the old board with a wick or a solder sucker so that you can just connect the new board to the same wires. It was reasonably easy to do this and the DMG-01 came back to life after this board was installed. It was a little tough stuffing the new board back in without breaking the connections I'd just soldered. Some pictures or instructions would have been nice, considering the HUGE price markup($20 for