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Due to the fact that these buttons are created from metal, they have a very heavy feel. You can experiment with differnet membranes to attempt to improve feel. 

Brass material D-pad and AB buttons for Game Boy Advance from RetroSix. 

These molds are made from hundreds of degrees, pouring molten brass into the castings at the perfect speed and pre-treating the lining of the molds, creating amazingly detailed castings true to the original console.


  • Made from molten brass, charcoal gray and gold coloring. 
  • Hand casted and polished.
  • Sturdy and heavy weight.
  • Angled reflections. 
  • Does not include L + R. 


  • 1x Button set (D-pad, and A + B Only)



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Customer Reviews

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Decent but over priced

Definitely have to start out saying they are my favorite looking metal buttons on the market (at least from what I've seen). No complaints on the appearance. In fine print under the description it does say you may need to test out different membranes to get a better button feel which I hadn't taken very seriously when I had purchased them. Installing normally with no customization the feel is atrocious and unplayable in my opinion. I only had the OEM membrane and the replacement I had purchased to choose from and I wasn't going to wait around to order a different one. Both felt equally terrible. I had first thought I got defective ones since the back of my buttons were completely flat vs the OEM have a small crater in the back for the membrane to sit in. I reached out to customer service and they assured me there was no error. What I ended up doing was taking a Dremel to the back of the buttons to try and mimic the crater on the OEM buttons. Learned the hard way it's easier to remove material than it is to add material back. I ended up taking out too much but after refiling it in with a two part epoxy I found the sweet spot. Button feel is back to normal and they look great. In my opinion since these require
some sort of modification to work properly these are an incomplete product hence the "over priced" title. Again, I hadn't experimented with too many different membranes so maybe there's one out there that's a perfect fit. In conclusion they look awesome, make sure you take the warning about button feel seriously and plan to do some sort of modification to make them work.

Way fancy… lol

Bought these to accompany a dark teal glow GBA, in order to match a pair of shoes.. turned out incredible. However I am getting just a lil less punch back on my B button. I swapped the cushion out be still couldn’t solve the problem. I do believe it’s just the inset of the production milling. Which can be easily dremel’d out just a tad. All in all, these are by far the fanciest set of buttons I’ve ever seen.. very nice.

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These give a great look and feel

Very happy with these buttons, they feel great, and really make my Zelda build pop imo. I wish they would make shoulder buttons like these, and the sides as well. Would really enhance the overall esthetics of the GBA

Looks Great

They look great and have a nice clicky feel. After sharing with a friend, they pointed out the buttons get warm from your hands. That's a little weird but it's not a deal breaker for me.

Brandon Miller

Game Boy Advance Buttons | Elite Brass

Fantastic, just order new pads with them

The buttons look great! However, they are very heavy. I had an issue where they were weighing down the pads causing the gameboy to register unwanted button presses, but after a fresh set I’ve had no issues. So I’d recommend ordering fresh button pads with these.

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