Game Boy Advance CleanAmp Pro v1.0 Audio Amplifier

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John S.

Easy to install, and very loud. Also used with a dehum kit and new speaker. Don't forget to test before assembly, as you can make it louder with the trim pot. I forgot, but it's still pretty loud at original level.

Amazing difference in audio level

Easy instalI. Recommended also for beginers in soldering. I compared the audio with my Nintendo Switch OLED and the results are amazing. Retrosix never desappoints with their products as well as HHL. I recommend the installation of the GBA Wirefree Dehum Dehiss kit to filter the "dirty" sounds.

Dillon Torres
Sounds awesome.

Without the addition of the noise reduction thing that they also offer there is a buzzing sound during quiet moments, but other than that it's really loud and works very well.

Ethan Avers
Clean audio

Worked as intended.

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Dave L.
Did I need this?

This will blast sound across the room. Holding my GBA, I find keeping the volume on the lower end more pleasing, though.

Marisa Darabi
Too loud

Got the dehumm and dehiss mod so I figured I'd add this too. It's way too loud and the volume cuts out halfway down the wheel so your options are mute and loud and loudest. I'm gonna take it out. Retrosix suggested cleaning my volume wheel which was silly when I inquired about it which was...silly and ineffective. Get it if you want your GBA to be really loud, I guess!