Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

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Grant Barrows

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

Toni Colom
Screen too delicate to correct its position

When installing it I had 2 problems.
1. The adhesive part in between the shell and the LCD was not perfectly trimed and it didn't match the shell hole. When I realized it was wrong placed and I cannot fix it because the LCD screen is sticked to it and it would broke.
2. It was with the shell itself. It was already trimed for this screen but you also need the bracket, otherwise it will be displaced.
So, there is no way to center perfectly the screen without compromise it. Make sure you buy the bracket for this screen and try to stick the "protective foam" correctly.

Noel Hernandez

Easy install!

Ernesto Lopez

Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

Rob M

This screen is great. It makes you appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of many GBA games. The colors are vibrant and the pixels are super clear. Don't let the soldering scare you away from this build as well, I haven't used the brightness adjustment a single time yet, so if you skip the soldering you won't be missing too much in my opinion.

Johnny P
Great upgrade!

This screen looks nice and the brightness function is a must. Soldering is not too hard for a novice, but be careful with the brass pads on your GBA (they can burn off!). I had to solder my ribbon to the start button instead of the select button since I burnt a brass pad.

I highly recommend that you purchase the Hand Held Legend IPS LCD V2 Bracket as well. Also, triple check that your screen is centered by turning it on before adding any adhesive.