Game Boy Advance IPS LCD V2 - Funnyplaying

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Liam Hoverd
Looks great but i borked it

Had all sorts of issues with shorts whenever the ribbon cable was plugged into the board and it wouldn't turn on. Turned out this happened whenever the ribbon cable was folded? screen looked awesome, unfortunately the screen got damaged and have had to buy a new one before i even got the first one installed :'(.

Chris A.
Alright but confusing

So far it’s okay but there is much that could be better. The directions are slightly unclear. The double sided adhesive could have had a better cut out, because in installing it, it was not perfect and I could not tell until after the screen was installed and now there is a little bit of it that shows. Also, the screen has two spots that look discolored, and that’s even in having handled this thing like a baby.

Gabriel Thompson
Amazing screen, but some issues with installation guide

The ips screen is really great. However the guide for this v2 screen seems to have different shaped parts and comes with spacers that mine didn't come with.

Looks Great

This is the first time I've modded a Gameboy with an LCD. It looks fantastic, but it definitely took some trial and error to get it looking just right. Be sure to take your time with it... Like a lot of time.

Josh R.
Great Screen, Get The Bracket

You can't go wrong with FunnyPlaying screens. It's a breeze to install, and it's worth spending the extra few dollars to get the alignment bracket to ensure a perfect fit every time.
Protip: When routing the wires for brightness control, use scissors to make a single cut in the top-middle to the center of the foam insert. This will let you easily route the wires from the ribbon cable to the contact points without bunching up!

Jesse Lang
Looks amazing!

I have been playing my GBA daily since installing this new LCD screen. I even learned how to solder so I could attach the wires for brightness adjustment. Will be ordering a 2nd soon!