Game Boy Advance IPS V2 LCD Bracket

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Dave Horlick
Just get it

Fits perfectly and air-gaps the adjoining motherboard, to avoid short-circuits. If this really was 3-D-printed, then it has been completely sanded-down to look just like an injection mold.

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Dave L.
don't skip this

You're gonna want this -- it makes installation a snap.

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Game Boy Advance IPS V2 LCD Bracket

Trusted Part

Great part at not a bad price.

Gregoire Pierre
Holds the screen nicely

The frame hold the screen nicely, but it seems to put it a little too high, allowing for an unused part of the screen to show at the bottom after everything is set up. Also, a notice to point at how easy it is to misplace it on top (instead of below) of the bottom of the screen would have save me time.

Really good!

I used this for a Funnyplaying V2 IPS display over an OEM shell. The trimming needed when using an OEM is more than what you do if you don't use this bracket and there are really no good guides out there, you need go slowly and breath because it can be a try an error process. Do not peal the adhesive foam until you are sure the screen fits fine and the bracket does not put extra pressure to avoid what others stated in their reviews. I could argue it is a fraction of a mm off but to me is ok. I would recommend this if you use an IPS ready shell as the process is extremely simple.