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Behold the holy grail of Game Boy Advance Shells from our partner RetroSix.

The fit, feel and tolerance on the RetroSix ABS shell is better than the original. The buttons are stronger with newer ABS and more accurate molds than the original, the buttons and triggers are ultra-responsive, the plastic is much stronger and free of any detects like those you get on injection-molded shells.

This listing is for a shell and battery cover. Buttons and Lens sold separately. 

These shells do not have "For Nintendo" logos. Check out other available colors on our prestige shells with "For Nintendo" logos.


  • IPS ready for GBA IPS LCD backlight mods
  • Entirely backwards compatible - Normal sized LCD fits as well as AA batteries
  • Includes battery cover
  • The Pearl series includes a Matte anti-slip finish which creates a soft touch
  • Extra wide window for IPS GBA Glass and Tempered Glass Lens


  • 1x GBA Prestige Shell
  • 1x Battery Cover
  • 1x Set of screws and LED cover
  • 1x Replacement back sticker



  • Prestige shells may need some trimming near the start/select area inside shell.
  • Shell can still be used for regular GBAs without IPS screens. Just purchase regular sized screen and be aware of having to position/secure the original screen down centered in view due to the opening being larger than normal.
  • Created by RetroSix.


  • Use of Isopropyl Alcohol on these shells will cause the finish to wear away.
  • To clean the Pearl shells use a clean white microfiber cloth and mild solvent of your choice. When using a colored microfiber cloth, the solvent can dissolve the dye and stain your shell.
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Customer Reviews

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Jonny Moore

IPS Modified Prestige Shell for Game Boy Advance - RetroSix

Atrocious--Just cut an OEM shell

Standard cheap plastic--you know the drill.
The screws & **** holes are god awful--couldn't get the shell to close using the laminated hispeedo screen, even though this says it's compatible. Doesn't close at all, and in trying to hold the two sides together to close it, it snapped in two with little to no pressure.

In the brief moment I had to test the feel of it, using the Prestige buttons felt awful. A + B are okay, the triggers don't fit into the shell and have to be forced in, and the D-Pad is basically a touchpad with how shallow it fits. Even if it didn't break on me, this D-Pad would be virtually unusable.

Words cannot begin to describe my disappointment with this borderline scam.

Thanks for your feedback! Please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may look into this further with you!

Alexander Gray

Not much to say, fits nice, looks nice, looks even nicer with some fly buttons. Would buy again.

High quality, but have the right tools

love how it looks! this is my first ever handheld mod so there's obviously things i could've done better, but the shell is very high quality! my main warning is to spend a little extra to get a nice set of screwdrivers for installation- the holes aren't pre-threaded so a crummy screwdriver can strip the screws and make it impossible to open the device again.


Not sure why it isn't clearly mentioned in bold letters in the notes of this shell, the most you get is a warning about using a colored microfiber cloth, but for the love of god do NOT let this come anywhere near IPA, as it will absolutely ruin your finish. I didn't even have the system fully assembled and managed to set the top shell just near a little spill of IPA while cleaning some flux and in seconds it had immediately started to peel the finish. Absolute colossal bummer because I just finished installing the new display and now I need to go through the hassle of getting a new shell, uninstalling the display, and buying new adhesive so I can reinstall. Words truly cannot express my disappointment, but perhaps this is common knowledge and I am just entirely out of the loop. Big sad :(

Thanks for your review! I believe we are discussing this with you in our support channel. IPA is something that can actually be used to clean these shells, paired with a white microfiber cloth to avoid color transfer. Usually we see this issue when acetone is mixed in with a solvent. We are looking into this with the supplier as IPA should not cause this type of damage to the shell.

Colby Prince
Almost Perfect

This replacement has pretty great quality. I was really surprised when I installed the IPS screen and had absolutely no trimming to do whatsoever. It is a little lighter than the OG shell but it does exactly what you’d want it to do. Definitely purchase these if you’re skeptical! Handheld has yet to let me down yet. As well as the best customer service by far.

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