Game Boy Advance Prestige Shell | IPS Modified

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Mitchell Mellott
IPS V2 and replacement shell

Great product, such a fun project and it comes with all the parts needed. Excited to do more in the future, the difference between the standard gba screen is night and day. Loving playing through my game boy and gameboy advance games with this

real guy
Great Shell, Just Beware Screen Sizes

First off, this shell is great, It’s build quality is solid and rivals that of the original. That being said, make sure you do in depth research on the type of screen your looking into, I didn’t, and ended up having to return mine, but needless to say it’s a great product.

William Pyatt
Perfect fit, looks lovely

Easy to install and looks fantastic. Decided to just use the front and thought it would be fun to keep the original back, it all screwed together perfectly. Great stuff

Wimmy Wam Wam Waffles
Super Soft , feels good like some nipples

i said what i said

Arturo Bedolla
Not exactly the color i expected but still a very good shell (Pearl Red)

The shell is more of a red with a slight pink shade or “infrared” if you will. The pictures i posted don’t really show it’s true color but it’s only a true solid red color when held at a certain angle. If you plan on using red silicone buttons be aware that they are darker when compared to the prestige red but will match perfectly with the solid red “For Nintendo” shell as shown in the pictures. The inside of the shell has some white parts from before they painted the shell including the entire inside of the battery compartment, which looked kinda cheap in my opinion. Overall still a good strong durable shell with a nice smooth feel. Personally wasn’t satisfied as far as paint job and color.

Dylan Hudgins

Everything fit together well with the prestige buttons and silicone. The IPS-ready shell made it easy to install.