Game Boy Advance Prestige Shell | Crystal Clear Series | IPS Ready

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Beautiful shell

Best shell I have used period. I used my own screws so I cannot how comment on the quality of the ones included.

Shell is fantastic, the screw are not great.

So the shell is GREAT cuts are precise, and the material feels GREAT, if you are looking for a smooth shiny feel. But the main problem I had is that the screws were brittle, and i snapped 3 screws in half when reassembling and securing the MB to the shell. The eventual solution was to tap the screw holes a little bit so they dont require as much initial force, then reassembly as normal.

Andre Mayleas
Slime green beauty 💚💚💚

Very very happy with this crystal clear green GBA. Super clean and crystal clear. Shell has a great feel to it. I will definitely be buying these again (◕ᴗ◕✿)💗

Lewie stier
Best case ever.

I have built a few custom gameboys probably like 10-12. This was the best case I've ever used so far. The clear plastic is like window to the gameboys innards and the feel of the smooth plastic is really nice. However the screws were a little more difficult than usual to tighten all the way. I screwed them in a few times and they now fit perfect. I absolutely love this case and will buy another in the future.

Great shell

Probably the best reproduction shell I've ever used. I've done like 8 re shells and this has got to be the best quality one. Better than Nintendo by a mile. You cant say that about most after market products.

Noah Collins

Game Boy Advance Prestige Shell | Crystal Clear Series | IPS Ready