Game Boy Advance SP LCD Kit and Lens - Cloud Version

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Not a fan of the build quality

I've done mods on non-SP GBAs before and really liked the multiple lens colors this kit had available. That being said, I'm not a fan of the install process of this kit. Firstly, there's nothing included to hold the board or screen in place. If you're buying an IPS ready shell it will slide both horizontally and vertically. There's also nothing included to secure the board on the back of the screen. The board uses ZIF connectors to connect the ribbon cables. I hate these things. In my first install attempt the larger connector wouldn't hold the cable at all. To HHL's credit they sent me a replacement board. Trying again (and being beyond careful to not over stress the connector) I assembled to the point of testing again and was getting a scrambled image on the screen. I tried cleaning and resetting the ribbon cables several times with no success. And again, the ZIF connector became loose and will not hold the cable again. It's just not a well designed kit. By comparison, look at the funny playing model, it seems to have none of the weird design choices this one does. In short, you have options with GBA SP displays. I'd say get a different one.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue! Please message us at so we may get this resolved for you.

Liam Luaces

Game Boy Advance SP LCD Kit and Lens - Cloud Version

Great screen, but missing some quality of life elements

Screen is bright and works well without any frame drops or tearing, install was easy. However this kit doesn't come with anything to secure the PCB, additionally you get quite a bit of wiggle so a foam insert is necessary for a snug fit. IMO considering the cost of those elements they really ought to be included.

Jorge De Leon
Gba sp ips

It came out fantastic. The only problem I had the protective screen had vertical lines that made itself known was i turned it on. I took of the og gba sp protective screen and put it on and it looked gorgeous. And one more thing the b button keeps getting loose, I'm going to try and pit the stock buttons back to see if that helps it any.. I really recommend the ips screen it makes a world of difference. And if you need help look at macho nacho tutorial on YouTube.

Charles Donley
Love It

10/10 Would recommend And easy to install

Gabriel Hoffer
Good item, works well

Item was easy to install and test with their instructions, however I would have liked to see it come with some way to secure the board to it, and it inside the case. I thought the screws would be enough to hold the screen in place, but after full assembly my screen has room to move around in the shell which I’m disappointed by, but not enough to take the whole thing apart again to put something sticky to secure it. Overall, yes I recommend this product!