Game Boy Advance SP Normal Sized Lens - Tempered Glass

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Customer Reviews

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Lens is not centered like the original.

The original GPA SP is designed to be slightly off-center in its case, and the screen lens should reflect that. However, this replacement is designed to be perfectly centered in the case, so the bezel is uneven. I am using the lens with an original AGS-101 screen as directed, so it should be compatible.

paul lietzke
Excellent screen

The screen came in a highly packaged box so nothing would happen to it and had protection to prevent scratches. It was super simple to install and I don’t regret this purchase at all. Made a night and day difference from my old scratched up screen.

Cannon Butcher
Better than OEM

This tempered glass lens is absolutely gorgeous! I got the one with the holographic logo, and it is seriously awesome. Aftermarket parts are often times inferior to OEM parts, but there's no competition in this case. The logo even matches the original font perfectly. 10/10 will absolutely be slapping these on any Gameboy builds I do moving forward.