Game Boy Advance / SP Power LED

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Garrett Sey
Great LED Kit

I have used this kit in both my GBC & GBA and have had zero issues. This is a great little kit that is easy enough to install with some soldering skill.

Andrew Lopedote
My review.

I ordered 2 LED's. I bought 1 Purple and 2 Blue LEDS. I originally wanted to install the Purple LED, but there was an issue. It was extremely dim and I could only see it when I turned off the lights unfortunately. I uninstalled it and installed the blue LED and it is very bright. Good thing I bought more than 1. I did want purple instead of blue, but I guess it is what it is.

Scott Richardson
So tiny!

I got the blue LED and when it came in, I was very intimidated by how absolutely tiny the thing was--I almost threw it away by accident. Removing the original LED resulted in it's destruction (my own fault, really), but with a little flux and a small amount of solder on my tip, I was able to get the new one installed. It looks great--super bright!