Game Boy Advance SP Wire-Free Dehum Dehiss Kit

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Bricked my spare SP. Followed the video, but I guess I messed up somewhere? 🤷‍♂️. The screen upgrade was easy to install and worked on my other sp perfectly though

Little bit of trouble with this one. Still 5 stars.

Had to break out the flux and extra wire for this one. I used it on an AGS101 that has a different board layout than the one in the instructions. It sits a good bit above the board because there are components in the way near the power switch. No problem! Just had to solder some wires to make the distance. The fit with an IPS ready shell was a bit of a nail-biter, but it went on.

No-Brainer Upgrade

Installation of this PCB was extremely quick and easy, even for someone with s*** soldering skills like me. Fit the device perfectly and installation took all of about 5 minutes. Got rid of >95% of the hum and the SP is now actually playable with headphones! Easy recommend.

Ian C.
Quick and Easy

I got this for one of my AGS-101 because I didn't want to with soldering the tiny capacitors on this one. The flex PCB makes installation a breeze. All in, maybe 3 minutes to install including the time to warm up my iron.

The only issue I have with this Rev of the PCB is that it didn't fit quite perfectly on a AGT-CPU-01 and I had to use a small jumper wire to get the pads soldered to the top of the power switch.