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Removes the "hum" or "hiss" sounds created for CleanAmps in the Game Boy Advance SP Console. 


  • The sound is passed straight to the audio on the board, filtered before it gets to the audio, creating a very clean sound.
  • Very easy to install, basic soldering skills are required.
  • Specifically for the Game Boy Advance SP.


  • 1x GBA SP wire free dehum dehiss cable




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Be careful, Proceed with Caution, Beware etc etc.

I learned this the hard way with my GBA dehum kit and accidently desoldered a capacitor by letting the soldering iron touch for too long (like a second) This time with the GBASP everything went fine. The GBASP turns on, there is sound, it removes most but not all the unwanted noise. Can't complain really.



John Sullivan
Don't ignore the warnings!

I've purchased this item this item twice in the past and the first two I had no issue with. Doing side by side comparisons between SPs, one with and one without the kit, I do think there is a slight improvement in audio clarity. However this third time was not the case.

After a very simple and routine install, I preformed a dry test with power to check the audio and suddenly my SP would not power on. Sure enough it blew my F1 fuse. So after talking with support and being assured this kit would not cause a second fault and that there was no error on my part, I ordering the fuse, waiting a week for it to arrive, swapped out the old fuse, powered it on... and it blew again!

With these (normally 10 cent) fuses being sold for $2 each, plus an $8 shipping cost, this kit is going to cost me over $20 and multiple weeks of waiting, just to repair the damage it caused. On top of all that I am absolutely going to desolder this kit, so there's an additional waste of $13 plus the $8 shipping.

Final thoughts, is slightly clearer audio worth the gamble of wasting $40+ dollars and multiple weeks of waiting and frustrating?

Thanks for your feedback! This can happen on SP's with the addition of power hungry modern mods. It is uncommon though for a fuse to blow twice but it is possible. If you haven't already, please reach out to support again regarding the issue. We would be happy to send you replacement fuses since this is the second one that has blown.

Juan Luis Galisteo
Don't buy this product

Bought one and installed it. Now my gba sp is bricked. HHL should retire this product since seems like im not the first one to lose his console to this garbage.

Thanks for your review! The issue here is most likely that one of the fuses has blown. This can happen on SP's with the addition of power hungry modern mods. This can be remedied by replacing the fuses. Please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may assist you in this if needed.

Works great with the CleanAmp 1.2

Despite the reviews of GBA SPs blowing up I had no issues. I installed the CleanAmp 1.2 and it was super loud, but incredibly noisy. Lots of static, hissing, and buzzing. It was unplayable. I then installed this and it cleaned up 90% of the noise. I now have a nice and loud GBA SP and it only gets noisy at the last 15-25% of the volume slider, but nothing worse than vanilla GBA SP sound.

For anyone claiming this is snake oil it's not. If it's not doing anything for your GBA SP then something isn't installed right or another component is failing. It can be really easy to bridge an SMD cap without realizing it. The pads are incredibly small and I use magnified goggles to do stuff like this. Once you get get the two caps down the power switch is easy. Make sure you use flux and do a swiping motion towards the caps like in the install video.


This doesn't seem to do anything to clean up noise.

Thanks for your feedback! Please reach out to us at support@handheldlegend.com so we may look into this further!

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