Game Boy Bivert/Hex Module V2 | DMG

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Casey Delnick
DMG Bivert

Easy to install, works as intended.

Game Boy Bivert/Hex Module V2 | DMG

Works great for me easy to install. And looks amazing!!!

Sweet deal

So glad I paired this with a backlight. Amazing results. The chip was smaller than expected. For me at least. The hardest part for me was trying to hold it in place while soldering. Definitely worth the effort.

Bivert chip was hanging on by one leg

Chip was not properly seated on the pads. Screen was blank after installing the chip. I had to solder the pins to the pads myself. Hard to recommend this part over competitors.

I'm sorry to hear of your issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Mathias Kiermeier
Amazing results

Really improves the screen quality and the installation isn't too hard.

Loren Ollom

I installed the bivert mod while also adding the screen backlight, which I highly recommend! All in all this is a near perfect product. the ground pad on the corner sort of lays over where pin 1 for the ribbon socket are on the logic board, and that ground pad is right up against the corner of the chip. I'd recommend soldering the ground wire onto the bivert board ground pad BEFORE soldering it to the gameboy board and pins. I did the pin-lift method, soldered the through holes and pins and then did the ground wire last. While doing the ground wire I had to be careful to not over-solder and inadvertently connect the ground of the bivert module to that socket pin that ends up directly underneath it, which was blobbed pretty heavily with solder. It would have been easier if I had just attached the ground wire to the bivert prior to installing the bivert. At the end of the day this was not a challenging mod really, though I found it slightly more complex electronically than adding the backlight kit (which I did at the same time of course). If you have 0 experience soldering or working with electronics you might want to find an old board to play around with first and at least watch the videos, but I feel this is still definitely within the beginner skill range. Some SMD removal solder (like chip-quick) along with the de-soldering wick makes the pin lifting slightly easier (at least it did for me). I would definitely do this again if I came across another console and I totally recommend it. The video I'm attaching is with the HHL backlight and bivert mods both.