Game Boy Bivert/Hex Module V2 | DMG

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Loren Ollom

I installed the bivert mod while also adding the screen backlight, which I highly recommend! All in all this is a near perfect product. the ground pad on the corner sort of lays over where pin 1 for the ribbon socket are on the logic board, and that ground pad is right up against the corner of the chip. I'd recommend soldering the ground wire onto the bivert board ground pad BEFORE soldering it to the gameboy board and pins. I did the pin-lift method, soldered the through holes and pins and then did the ground wire last. While doing the ground wire I had to be careful to not over-solder and inadvertently connect the ground of the bivert module to that socket pin that ends up directly underneath it, which was blobbed pretty heavily with solder. It would have been easier if I had just attached the ground wire to the bivert prior to installing the bivert. At the end of the day this was not a challenging mod really, though I found it slightly more complex electronically than adding the backlight kit (which I did at the same time of course). If you have 0 experience soldering or working with electronics you might want to find an old board to play around with first and at least watch the videos, but I feel this is still definitely within the beginner skill range. Some SMD removal solder (like chip-quick) along with the de-soldering wick makes the pin lifting slightly easier (at least it did for me). I would definitely do this again if I came across another console and I totally recommend it. The video I'm attaching is with the HHL backlight and bivert mods both.

Garrick Pettigrew

Sooo... I thought this was just a gimmick to sell more products. I WAS WRONG! This is amazing I installed a back light without it, just to see, I was blown away with the difference. Crisp clean, darks darker, it really helps with game play. And the install was extremely easy!

Easy for those with at least a little experience.

Easy install if you have a decent soldering iron and some high quality solder wick. Overall, very easy to do for even a novice electronics tinkerer.

Filip M.

Despite the current situation in the world, the package came relatively quickly and not damaged! Fits my gameboy perfectly! A little soldering paste makes it qlot easier to install

Seth F.
Tricky install

They've made it as simple as they possibly can, but it can be difficult to install. I'd recommend having some kind of magnifying tool and the thinnest solder you can find.

Bryan Wharton
Makes a complete difference!

I used just the backlight for over a year and let me just say the screen is sooo much clearer now that I installed the bivert chip. It’s like a whole new console now! It makes the contrast so much sharper and the ghosting is greatly reduced.