Game Boy Color Glass Lens / Screen - Tempered Glass

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Joe Hanson
Fit perfectly!

My original was all scratched and not the best to look at. After prying off the plastic and cleaning the sticker goo off, the new glass lens fit perfectly and the color match with the COLOR logo is great! A must buy if you have a dinged up screen from years of use.

Jacob Field
Very close to original, but colors are slightly off

Fitment was perfect, quality of the glass is great. My only disappointment is that the colors are not quite as vibrant. It is not noticable unless you compare it to the original colors. If I was trying to do a faithful restoration as close to original as possible, I would not use this—but for everything else, it works great.

Thomaz de Oliveira dos Reis
Very good quality!

The lens looks awesome, fits perfectly, and the gold one really looks interesting in my Gold version mod. Recommended!!

Picture perfect

Stellar glass screen that works so nicely for my GBC mod. Love it.


Excellent products.

Excellent screens - I am never going back to plastic

Excellent screens. The let a lot of light pass through that makes these reflective screens just a little more bright.

I was a skeptical about how the clear glass would look on my clear build. It has turned out excellent. I considered LOCA, but went with the included tissue tape as I would let me remover the screen non-destructively if needed. The extra few dollars are well worth it.

The clear build has the clear tempered glass on it, the clear red has the regular glass screen on it.

Would 100% buy these again for future builds.