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Also known as the Q5 Super OSD Version, this IPS LCD for the Game Boy Color comes with improved function and on screen controls. Backlight and illuminate your beloved childhood GBC with a modern IPS LCD with improved color, contrast and viewing angle. 


  • Display area is larger than the original. Shell modification required.
  • Custom glass lens required for appropriate masking of viewing window. Please purchase separately.
  • Brackets available for purchase separately.
  • Built-in OSD Menu
  • Soldering required for on screen controls
  • On screen controls allow you to move the display window for perfect centering
  • The On Screen Display (OSD) menu has functions for Brightness, Vertical Position, Horizontal Position, Pixel Effect, Battery Meter, Color Adjust, and Factory Reset.
  • Use the Left touch sensor to change color, (Hold to turn on/off pixel effect) Use the Right touch sensor to change brightness, (Hold to turn on/off Battery display meter)


  • 1x Q5 IPS LCD
  • 1x PCB with two pre-soldered touch sensor wires
  • 1x Ribbon
  • 1x Adhesive
  • 5x Wires 
  • 2x Insulation films



  • Hold Select and press A + B simultaneously to access the OSD menu.
  • Press A and B to scroll through the menu (A=Up, B=Down).
  • Hold Select and press A to enter a function.
  • Press A or B to set desired level (A=Right, B=Left).
  • Hold Select and press A to save changes.
  • Hold Select and press B to exit.



  • After installation, if it is noted that your touch sensor is overly sensitive or is cycling, please see this article for assistance.


  • Test before installation! When you receive a backlight/LCD kit, you should perform a dry run before installing to assure that nothing has been damaged in transit. A dry run or test fit means the kit is not installed in the shell. This includes the use of adhesives, brackets, and any performed soldering. All ribbon cables should have no bends or creases in them. If you are unsure how to perform a dry run, please contact our support team and we will be happy to help. Backlight kits that have been installed are not eligible for replacement or return.
  • LCD may break if put under too much pressure or dropped. Please exercise extreme caution when installing.
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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 82 reviews
    Jun Furuya
    Brilliant display!

    Packaging: No problem. I ordered this IPS LCD with console hard case so that they put everything in the case to prevent any damage.
    Quality of panel: Excellent (as always…). No scratch damage, no crack, everything is perfect.
    Installation:Not easy. Since I use my original GBC shell, I need to cut and remove it a lot.
    Function:Excellent. The OSD menu helps me a lot since it’s hard to adjust the position of panel AFTER installation. YouTube video placeholder
    Excellent - Great for the Pocket Color

    This is a nice LCD kit for the Gameboy Color. The OSD makes this LCD stand out among the others. The custom color palettes as well as screen positioning make it useful and fun. I don't love the touch sensors but the good thing is that it can be hard-wired and they can be removed, win-win.
    This specific kit also work very well for the hybrid 'Pocket Color' consoles which look and feel fantastic. Overall good product.

    Johnny P.
    Large Crisp Screen

    Super bright LCD and is larger than the stock display. Well worth the effort. Everything worked as it should including the sensors to change the colors and brightness. Noice!

    garret cole
    Great product

    Fits great. Simple setup. Came with wire for screen controls.

    Nice screen & documentation

    This install was a dream after experiencing the pains of the GBP IPS install... Good documentation on this one walking you through all the steps. OSD menu works well as do the brightness/color palette changes.

    High Quality

    This screen is bright and beautiful. The OSD controls are really cool. It seems pretty durable - I kinda beat the heck out of this during my mod and it still looks great.
    Some words of caution:
    -don't use the 3M or any strong tape/adhesive when folding the IPS board onto the back of the screen. I used the inside (meant to be cutout) 3M adhesive that came with my glass cover and wow what a nightmare. You see the ribbon cable really can't flex in two directions, so if you fold the screen over and it wasn't perfectly aligned such that the ribbon cable will now go into the motherboard which will align with the case - you will be in a world of pain. Getting the ips board off that screen was ridiculous and I was sure I was going to break something. Thankfully everything survived.
    -Be really careful with those touch pads. They are super easy to break especially if you put a case **** through them or mangle them with the case itself when closing.
    -If you get opt for the brackets, be careful using the "3rd" bracket which goes on top of one of the brackets. I say just ignore it. When I tightened my prestige case down it put a ton of pressure on the screen itself and may have been flexing it. The image in game was warped and I panicked thinking I ruined the screen. I opened it up, took that bracket out, and everything was fine.
    Sturdy little screen!

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