Game Boy Color Retro Pixel 2.0 Q5 IPS LCD Kit with Laminated Lens - Funnyplaying

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Totally fine, but with some quirks that make me hesitate to recommend. First off, sometimes the screen just suddenly decides to freak out and it basically burns itself in in a weird way. Secondly, and this is a big one, the color black is displayed as blue. It looks really off, and it gives most games a really cool, cheap look. Everything else about the screen is great, but these problems are just too big to ignore for me personally. I would really love to get some help with this from the support team, but I emailed them and they haven't responded yet.

The picture provided is set to the "grey and black" preset, which is done by pressing left + B on the startup screen. As you can see, it is grey and blue, not grey and black.

Elena Dominguez

Game Boy Color Retro Pixel 2.0 Q5 IPS LCD Kit with Laminated Lens - Funnyplaying

Stewart Reid
Maybe a Bad Unit

I tested the panel outside of the case on a known working CGB unit and it looked great on the splash screen. I fully assembled everything and that's still the case, but when actually getting into solid colours and blacks the screen has flicker and temporary burn-in that seems to come and go. I've tried making sure everything was flush and the screws weren't too tight, as well as reseating the cables, but I can't make it work consistently. Maybe I got a dud, but I'm not buying another one to find out.

I'm sorry to hear of the issue. Please contact us at so we may resolve this for you.

Francisco Duran
Awesome upgrade!

This is a must for any Gameboy color. The only recommendation I have is to definitely invest in the Funnyplaying case made for this as trying to modify the original case will most assuredly end in disaster.

Great product

Definitely my favorite screen for the Gameboy color. Can’t go wrong with this mod.

Luigi Marino

Absolutely beautiful screen. Took a star off because it doesn't play nice with overclock crystals, but other than that it's perfect! Easy enough to install as well.