Game Boy DMG Q5 Retro Pixel IPS LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

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Gary Healy
HD Gaming

Amazing kit, enjoy your favourite games super clear all over again!

Jacob Minney
Very Good!

Easy installation as expected! Biggest difference between this and the unbranded is in the color options. Unbranded has fewer, bolder color choices with a rudimentary "full-color" option with programmable colors. Funnyplaying has more color options but they are more subtle and there is no programmable "full-color" option that I could find. For me it comes down to a matter of taste! Everything arrived as expected, and the alignment bracket (not included) is essential for ease of installation. Great product for refreshing your old system!

Huxley Dunsany
Absolutely delighted!

I've been a gamer my whole life, and I've put together a pretty respectable collection of video game systems and vintage computers. That said, I've never really gotten into modding... until now.

Four or five years ago, I bought this original circa-1989 Game Boy at a local flea market. Sadly, it was thrashed - filthy, display held on by masking tape, written on with marker, etc. The battery compartment was badly corroded, and I was never able to get even a hint of life out of it - nothing at all. Despite all that, I kept it in my junk drawer - I always had it in the back of my mind that it would be a fun project to try to rebuild it, especially if I could modernize it a little.

I recently ordered a bunch of parts and tools from HandHeldLegend, and I finally dove in and started the rebuild! I'm pretty experienced with tinkering with old computers, but I've never done a project quite like this, and definitely not with a Game Boy. Given my total-newbie status, I mostly just followed along with various YouTube how-to videos, made some mistakes long the way, learned a lot, and had a great time.

The list of upgrades is pretty decent:
- New all-white case
- New tempered glass screen cover
- New IPS LCD panel with multiple color palette modes & variable brightness
- New display driver board
- New “CleanJuice XL” power circuitry
- Internal rechargeable battery pack
- Internal USB-C charging port hidden inside the battery compartment
- New direction pad and A/B buttons
- New “CleanAmp” audio driver circuit (this thing is LOUD and clear now!)
- New speaker
- New button membranes (makes them feel nice and clicky instead of mushy / worn out)
- New power switch cover
- Repaired the volume knob
- Repaired the power switch
- Repaired the cartridge slot

Literally all that remains of the original Game Boy is the motherboard and Start / Select buttons - every other piece of the system has been replaced / upgraded. I'm so happy with how it all turned out! I initially planned to go 100% white, including the buttons and D-pad, but when I set it up that way, it was too much. I'm glad I also ordered a D-pad and set of buttons in the original color scheme, I think it 'pops' really nicely against the white case.

All-in-all, this project was a smashing success, and I'm already excited to do it again with a recently-purchased Game Boy Color.

Aaron Glinski
Awesome Product

Great product. Will order again.

Great kit, some small imperfections

When i got mine, the screen had a couple of scratches. i don’t know if it was my fault (most likely) or if the shipping was like that but it doesn’t really bother me. Kit is great with tons of options and the screen looks magnificent.


Screen looks great! But...
Makes the dmg a tad slower. At first hardly noticable, but after a while you realize the experience is just different.
Is anyone else noticing this? Do a side by side with an original. Timing is a bit off, at least in my case.