Game Boy DMG Q5 Retro Pixel IPS LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

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Juan Manuel Reguilon Oter

Game Boy DMG Q5 Retro Pixel IPS LCD Kit - Funnyplaying

Arath Paez

Revived a flame in me to start playing games again. Pretty rock solid screen. Easy install, great features, makes the gameboy screen much more livable.

Garrett Sey
Great Little Screen

Best screen on the market for DMG's with the unbranded being the direct competitor. I bought both for my most recent builds and I am more of a fan of the funny playing alternative. My only gripes are that this kit does NOT come with an aligning bracket (unbranded does) and there are no instructions on how to use the functions like dimming, color selection, etc., within the kit. Took me quite awhile and had to look it up separately. For how much we are paying for these kits, these little additions would truly button this kit up surely pushing it into the number one spot or pushing it further ahead. Give us a reason to keep buying name brand instead of the unbranded competitors cause even their kit comes with at least the aligning bracket. Keep up the great work though and keep innovating!

Tony Ortiz
Game Boy DMG Q5 Retro Pixel IPS LCD Kit

great kit I love it makes playing the OG games so much easier. Get the printed screen bracket with the kit makes the install that much easier and the speaker. the instructions say to mod the screen opening of the shell but I didn't have any tools to do it at the time, I have yet to play a game where that 1mm was an issue so i'm just leaving it as is.

J Slush
Super easy install, Super nice results!!!

The Funnyplaying kit was so easy to install and looked fantastic when it was finished!

Beau Wolfe
DMG mod

Updated my old dmg with this kit as well as new speaker and new shell and new buttons and clean juice battery pack. After some added expenses and YouTube videos for soldering this was a fun and easy project. Soldering was only required for battery pack and speaker so if you just want to replace screen this is fairly easy. Don’t forget to order the bracket!