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SEGA Game Gear Backlight

$9.99 USD

The old lighting tubes in the SEGA Game Gear are obsolete in the world of modern electronics. Tube lighting is a major power drain and many bulbs have burnt out or have lost their brightness. With a backlight replacement kit, you can double the battery life of your console, prevent overheating, improve screen brightness and improve the consistency of your LCD screen. This panel is thick to provide optimal light distribution and includes 5 bright SMD LEDs. 

What's included:

  • 1 Game Gear 5-LED Backlight
  • 1 33ohm resistor


  • Doubles battery life
  • Reduced operating temperature over time: Testing shows consoles with hand-Held Legend Game Gear backlights installed had no change to operating temp from start to hour 2. Non-modded consoles show a 40 degree increase in 2 hours!

Find installation instructions here.

This item can also be installed in the Atari Lynx although we do not support this modification. Please install at your own risk.
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