Game Boy Color Lens / Screen - Plastic

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Brandon Steger
Good lense but use caution

So it comes looking kind of scuffed up but there is a super thin peel on the front so make sure you dont miss it. For the price its really hard to complain much about this. I do feel like it scratches a bit easy but again for the price Its also OK in my book. Just be careful with what you use to wipe it and youll be fine, dont be using your shirt use a nice fine soft cloth.

Must have lenses!

These replacement lenses fit perfectly!

Seth Wismer
Great quality, pristine condition

It came with a protective film, but I wasn't aware of that, so it looked like the screen was scratched pretty badly, but it was just the film. Underneath the screen was in pristine condition!

Also, it was easy to install. The adhesive was in two parts however, and it was a little weird to need to remove the paper from the back of the adhesive on the transparent part of the screen separately. I was worried I'd scratch the screen doing that, but it turned out okay in the end.

Joseph Howard

Game Boy Color Lens / Screen - Plastic

Easy replacement

Works great for replacing aged, scratches or damaged GBC viewing lens.

Albert Arbelo

This lens is a perfect replacement for the original. So glad I got one to replace the garbage that Game Stop uses when they refurbish a system to sell. Now it looks just like my childhood GBC.