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Nintendo Switch Backplate and Joy-Con | Full Shell Kit

Nintendo Switch Backplate and Joy-Con | Full Shell Kit

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Blue Flame

SKU : NS1451

This full shell kit includes everything you need to stylize your Nintendo Switch.


  • Compatible with original Nintendo Switch and OLED model.
  • Unique colors styles.
  • Matching backplate and Joy-Con shells.


  • 1x Backplate
  • 1x Kickstand
  • 1x Left Joy-Con shell set
  • 1x Right Joy-Con shell set
  • 2x Middle Joy-Con frames


  • Does not include console or Joy-Cons
  • Does not include screws, screwdrivers, kickstand clip, or any other hardware.


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Ella Jameson
Superb Quality, Easy Install (Note: No Kickstand Bracket or Screws)

I recently ordered this (the Heaven Blue and Violet version) because my used switch I just bought was entirely missing the kickstand, and had the awful purple and orange joycons. I was hoping to fix both issues with this kit.

Sadly, I ordered this kit before they updated the description to specify that the included kickstand does NOT include the metal bracket or **** needed to attach it to the switch. In order to use the provided kickstand, I had to actually order a second kickstand off of eBay which did include the bracket and ****. However, this was only $5 w/ free shipping, and the week-long wait for the second package was worse than the actual cost.

Once I did get my hands on that little metal bracket though, I was fully satisfied with this kit. I didn't instal the actual console backshell, because I like the black between colored joy-cons look. I did install the joycon shells, joy-con inner plates, and of course the kickstand. Using a I also replaced the triggers, bumpers, and SL/SR buttons with this kit (1), as they match the Heaven Blue color of the gradient. The final step was to change the joy-con color in software using the homebrew app "JC Color Swapper". (The hex code for the "Heaven Blue" color is #C2E4ED if you need it.)

As for quality, it's great. I've had no real fitment issues other than the seams between the console and joy-cons is a little less flush than with the stock shells, but it's barely noticeable. The kickstand, while lacking the mounting bracket, is very high quality, and much better than the replacement I bought off of eBay. The texture of the plastic is a little rough compared to stock plastic due to how they print the graphics on the controllers, but it's still very unofensive and smooth to the touch. The molds they use seem just as good as Nintnedo's, and the actual injection molding itself seems very high quality. The plastic is durable and does not feel cheap, however I do get the feeling that the **** posts are a bit easier to strip out than stock ones.

Overall I'm very happy with this kit and am likely to order from HHL again!


Good quality

The quality of this shell is almost on par with a oem part. The uv prints are flawless!

kim san

Nintendo Switch Backplate and Joy-Con | Full Shell Kit

Trent L

This shell looks old school and is so cool… love it