GameCube Button Set - PBT Material - Ergo Triggers

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Note: We recommend using a small amount of glue or tape to hold the trigger plugs in place. They are not a press fit by design.

This is a set of PBT GameCube buttons designed to fit in an original GameCube controller. These buttons feature a unique matte design without any lettering. They feel similar to PBT keycaps that are typical with some higher quality PC keyboards.

The only color option currently is as shown in the product photo.


  • High quality PBT material. Does not wear or shine like typical ABS
  • Smooth matte finish
  • Ergonomic trigger shape 
  • Letterless button face
  • Three color scheme
  • Dual Z buttons included for future product designs or dual Z modifications for original controllers


  • 1x Set of ABXY buttons (White color)
  • 2x Start button (White color)
  • 2x ZL/ZR buttons (Grey color)
  • 2x Ergonomic L/R triggers (Black color)
  • 1x DPad (White color)
  • 2x Short trigger plugs (White color)
  • 2x Long trigger plugs (White color)
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Customer Reviews

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Buttons and triggers were used on separate controllers (mainly made the purchase for the triggers) but both were very satisfactory. Trigger plugs are also a warm welcome and the two pairs sets/sizes allow for different feeling presses when using the triggers. Well worth it.

Ankit Chopra

GameCube Button Set - PBT Material - Ergo Triggers

Set separation

This set is quite good, but having to buy the full set to get the main draw (the ergo triggers) does result in having a bunch of random buttons laying around. It'd be nice to be able to buy the triggers separately.


I mainly wanted the L and r but they are awesome!

Overall great especially for the price, but the face buttons are flawed

Like the title says, these are insanely good for being >$20. I had expected the triggers to take a little bit of time to get used to compared to OEM, but they feel perfect right of the bat. The Z button is also really good in particular compared to other bald Z buttons I've used in the past, feels very natural overall. However, I do have 1 somewhat minor complaint: the BXY (not A) buttons are concave instead of concave, and can sometimes lead to small thumb pain from hitting the edges of them. It doesn't happen all of the time, but it's a very baffling design decision in my opinion considering that OEM face buttons are all convex. Even still, for just the trigger stuff, these are an absolute steal, and the buttons being concave can be overlooked most of the time anyways.

Jordan Bean
They're great and worth the buy.

This button set is fantastic and I highly recommend it better than any of the cheap sets you can get elsewhere, however the trigger plugs don't quite fit but can be easily fixed. Keep in mind that these are a newer product when purchasing and have some kinks that need to be worked out, which are being worked on.

The triggers are a slightly different shape as OEM, which isn't a bad thing, just took some getting used to. The issue with them is the plugs, they fit very loose and you can feel them moving around while playing, which causes issues with inputs being missed. However this is easily fixed by supergluing them in and afterwards work fantastic. And Handheld Support assured me they are working on updating the trigger plugs for a proper fit.

Just for transparency I wrote a review on some of the issues before. Part of it was about the triggers, the other was about the D-pad. The D-pad issue had been rectified by Handheld Support, they sent out a new one that doesn't have the same issues as before (trouble reading inputs). Not sure what the issue with it was as they look similar.

Thanks for your review! We are looking into the feedback regarding the trigger plugs. We have already contacted you regarding the review but for other customers, if there is an issue with the d-pad, feel free to reach out to us at so we may resolve this issue with you as we have a solution!

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