ProGCC 3 - Switch Pro Competitive Conversion Kit

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For competitive play, just one moment of wireless lag or interference can mean everything.

Enter ProGCC 3 - a drop-in PCB conversion kit designed from the ground up for performance.

Note that this is a wired-only controller kit! Wireless functionality is removed entirely for performance reasons. On Nintendo Switch you will achieve 4.4 frames of input lag at a base. 6 frames in Smash Ultimate. 


  • Hall-sensing joysticks from Gulikit
  • Easy configuration with application
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch/PC/Mac/Android with Chrome
  • XInput support
  • 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Analog stick precision calibration
  • Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Automatic snapback filter
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Works with GameCube, N64, NES, and SNES via USB-C passthrough cables.

*Compatibility with NES and SNES to be added via a software update after release.

*Rumble is currently not supported in GC Mode, however it will be enabled via a future update!


  • Configuration app available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Chrome or Edge web browser required)
  • Customize each LED color independently
  • Adjust snapback settings
  • Test analog stick input


  • 1x Button board (white color)
  • 1x Main board (blue color)
  • 2x Ribbon cables (one extra in case of damage)
  • 2x Cell rumble motors (Pre-soldered)
  • 2x Rumble Mounts



  • As we continue our journey with the ProGCC 3, expect new features and tweaks based on invaluable user feedback. Stay updated with our social media channels for the latest announcements! A special shout-out to @ShinyMark1 on Twitter for letting us feature his video.
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Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Seymen Karadag

It's really worth it! My definitive way to play competitive Smash!

Phoenix birch

There are so many problems with this thing. Despite recalibration, Snapback is a constant issue with the controller. Any input more important than dashing somehow never fails to be inputted as something different. The c stick is permanently tilted to the right as well. Not to mention, this is my second progccv3, because the first one’s rumble motors broke almost immediately. I’ve tried finding ways to reduce the problems I have but nowhere in the user’s guide are these problems addressed. I’m disappointed to say that this product, for me at least was a total waste of CAD 70$

Thanks for reaching out! I'm sorry to hear of the issue. It sounds like there may just be a calibration issue. Head on over to the NiceMods discord and the creator of the ProGCC would be happy to assist you in resolving the matter.

Coach Ozuna
Jaw dropping!

I absolutely love the ProGCCv3! After converting or building many, I have had no issues. From the most simple conversion to the full builds, they always cause jaws to drop.

I would reccomended shaving the notches of the capture button if you are using 3rd party. HHL has a guide for this. Service is second to none and support for the firmware has been better than anything I could have imagined.

The only problem that has ever arisen was by by players trying to use cheap USB C cables, which causes disconnects. I reccomend Anker cables, as I haven't had even one disconnect with them.

just what I needed

This is exactly what I hope it would be this is perfect, my only frustration is the wired part but I know I'll accommodate

Louis Rivau
Pretty nice with one exception

Easy install on my OEM, bad point here is the conductor of the rumble motors that came off so easily on the second one (the first one was already detached lol), i don't mind playing without rumble but if you do be careful about it you might get a bad surprise.
Excellent feeling, the stickbox is great, the software is intuitive and pretty solid, the configuration was easy and now i'm playing with a responsive controller with no snapback and issues.

Allen Andrews
Amazing purchase, I would recommend it to anyone.

Have had the controller for a few weeks and it has been nothing but great. Setup was a bit time consuming because I did not have any experience working with PCBs and swapping controller internals. However, once I got comfortable with all the parts, it was super straight forward. The controller has no drift or snapback what so ever making it feel amazingly consistent to play with. If you play smash seriously and want a pro style controller, you wont regret your purchase.

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