ProGCC Made-To-Order Controller (V3)

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ProGCC V3 Custom Controller Builder Is Now Live!

A pre-built ProGCC controller. Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, and Android, Works with GameCube and N64 via USB-C passthrough cables. 

Please read our Ultimate Warranty Policy Page which applies to this product.


  • Hall-sensing joysticks from Gulikit
  • Easy configuration with application
  • Compatible with Nintendo Switch, PC, Mac, Android, NES and SNES
  • XInput support
  • 6-axis gyroscope/accelerometer
  • Dual rumble motors
  • Analog stick precision calibration
  • Customizable RGB LEDs
  • Adjustable snapback filter
  • USB-C connectivity
  • Easy firmware updates
  • Works with GameCube and N64 via USB-C passthrough cables.


  • Configuration app available for Windows, Mac, Linux and Android (Chrome or Edge web browser required)
  • Customize each LED color independently
  • Adjust snapback settings
  • Test analog stick input



  • It is no longer necessary to use a GC to USBC cable and an adapter to play on Switch. Simply use a USBC cable as normal.
  • ProGCC 3 will have new features added and modified as we receive user feedback. Please stay tuned on our social media channels for updates!
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Customer Reviews

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Bradley Vore

ProGCC Pre-Built Controller (V3)

Alexander McAtee
Amazing Product and Even More Amazing Support

First of all... top quality product. Came exactly as ordered. The buttons feel high quality and it works exactly as promised. I got my package on 10/21/2023 and when I got home after 10:00pm I ran into a technical issue. Through the resources offered on their discord channel we were able to sit down and fix the issue. Turned out to be a simple problem on my end.

Product: 10/10 Service: 100/10 If you are hesitating to order from them or hesitant about the product do not be! They will take care of you and you will not regret the purchase.


I'm getting nothing back from this review.. just here to say that this thing is awesome. I was a little hesitant since it's not cheap, but I honestly didn't want to try and mod this myself, so I trusted these guys to do it for me by buying the prebuilt and I don't regret it.

Been using it on PC as an X-input controller and the response time (or lag) feels effectively instant on PC. I like that it has different modes (PC, GC, N64, Switch etc) which makes the thing versatile. Only draw back is that it entirely removes wireless functionality which for some may be an inconvenience.

So far though, I'm not missing the wireless at all since for competitive play what you really want is maximum stability and responsiveness which is what this thing is for. It feels like a very well thought-out product too, with all the customization options on PC, and it's basically the ONLY viable option if you want to play smash on PC with a pro controller.

Using a default pro controller on PC SUCKS and does not feel the same way it does using a default pro controller on switch. This, in X-input mode on PC, feels perfect. Highly recommended

Awesome controller and top notch customer service!

The ProGCC is an awesome controller. This review is for the prebuilt.

I had some minor issues with my order, but were quickly resolved by the HHL team. Communication and turnaround was great.

The controller works great! Such a good alternative to using a Gamecube controller. Pair this with the GC Pocket Adapter and you're set. To be able to calibrate and change other values is great, making this product future proof. Their wiki is very well documented. I look forward to future revisions of this product and keep supporting HHL and designer(s)!

I definitely recommend this product to anyone looking for a Gamecube controller alternative with more bells and whistles!

Hanwen Xu

ProGCC Pre-Built Controller

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